{This past weekend}

Time for another weekend wrap-up! We had a really busy, but oh so good weekend. I love those kind. We got to spend a lot of quality time with people that are dear to us. I am exhausted and already looking forward to the next weekend.

...this past weekend we woke up to the most radiant and beautiful sunrise on Friday! God is so good.

...this past weekend I took a selfie for the sake of joining in with Friday introductions. But then I completely forgot to do so. I have really been slacking on the gram lately. Totally unlike me. I guess I have been in a picture taking funk lately. I.must.snap.out.of.it.

...this past weekend we went to small group bible study. Only it wasn't so small. There were 18 kids and 13 adults.
...this past weekend we had such a wonderful time at said bible study. The night lasted until 2:00am. We are loving getting connected with friends from church.
...this past weekend we attended the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo! It's a tradition for us. It was Nathan's 35th, my 20th and Mason's 6th. We had 18 people with us this time. I just love this tradition of ours and spending it with friends that are more like family.

...this past weekend Mason got to climb on bobcats and tractors just as he has for the last several years. It still brings a huge smile to his face.

...this past weekend we also visited the Midway while at the rodeo. I am pretty sure it's Mason's favorite part. He's a thrill-seeking little guy! He was bummed when he was too short for the rides that go upside down...I was relieved.

...this past weekend we ate at Railhead BBQ for the first time. It was amazing! We all loved it and agreed that we would be going back.
...this past weekend we had a lazy night at home after the rodeo. We were exhausted and couldn't even talk Mason into going for ice cream!
...this past weekend I did my normal Sunday morning routine...grocery shopping and donuts for my boys. I was so tired I almost didn't go.
...this past weekend we went to church. Mason got to sit with his friend during worship and he was so well behaved!

...this past weekend we bought bbq sack lunches after church to support the youth.
...this past weekend we had cub scouts and our Pinewood Derby race!
...this past weekend Mason's Pinewood derby car took first place in his age group. He won all four races. He took 2nd fastest out of the whole group {20+ cars). And he won some free races as well. He was ecstatic.

...this past weekend we cleaned and purged in Mason's room! 4 huge trashbags of donations and 1 bag of trash! That was a whoopin'! But glad it's done.

And that sums up our weekend! How was yours? What did you do?


  1. WOW! Y'all did have a busy weekend! But sounds like so much FUN!!
    Way to go Mason on the Derby Race!!

    Have a great week! Hope you get some rest! HA

  2. You guys always make the absolute most of your weekends! I love it. What a fun time!!!!

  3. What a wonderful weekend you had! And congrats to Mason for winning the derby race! I know he was thrilled!

  4. YAY Mason! Oh friend for someone who has been in a funk you have taken some pretty great photos. That selfie is fantastic!

  5. You take the cutest selfies! I need to work on my IG game too, I feel you on being in a rut. Yay Mason! His littke derby car is awesome.

  6. My weekend included a 2.5 hour nap. I was EXHAUSTED! It felt so good to rest.

  7. Another busy successful weekend in the books! And that sunrise my goodness!!! So gorgeous!

  8. You take some amazing pictures! Congrats Mason on your big wins! Y'all had another full weekend. How do you do it mama? I've only been to Dallas once to see The New Kids on the Block and now us girls have planned a 3 day visit this summer. I'm excited to see more of Texas.

  9. Phew. I'm tired just reading about all your fun!
    So awesome that you get such a large group to annually go to the rodeo. That has to be a blast.
    Mason kicked serious booty at the Pinewood Derby, way to go!!
    And, I have to note that you have the cutest scarves!!

  10. You're killing it with your scarf game, mama! I LOVE them all!
    And seriously, what a GREAT weekend! We didn't do anything special or anything, but ours was great too!

  11. Congratulations, Mason! I'm sure Mason & Nate are so, so proud of themselves! That sunrise is so beautiful! What a fun, fun tradition. Just think of all the memories you have from that special day over the years. What a treasure!

  12. Sounds like a great weekend with friends. Congrats on the Pinewood Derby success! I've been slacking on instagram too, gotta work on that!

  13. Seriously you have the most fun! I love it! I feel like I'm slackin' on IG lately, too.

  14. What an amazing fun filled weekend!! Ps. Such a cute selfie!

  15. What an awesome weekend! Congrats to Mason! How excited he must have been!

  16. Beautiful sunset and I love that selfie of you is so pretty! Not only do you look pretty, but you look so happy!


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