{The Kids Behind the Blog // January edition}

Time for the January Edition of The Kids Behind the Blog. I loved reading everyone's December posts! Thank you to everyone that linked up. The questions were so fun and the kids answers were awesome. I laughed so hard on so many of them. Kids are just precious!! For January we focused on more winter type questions. Can't wait to read what your kids have to say this month! Here are Mason's answers...

Questions for January:

ONE // What's your favorite thing to do indoors?
Build Legos.

TWO // Have you ever seen or played in snow? If so, what is your favorite snow activity?
Yes! It snowed a couple of days ago. Snowball fight and build a snowman.

THREE // What was your favorite Christmas gift you received?
Jesus and family
That's sweet baby. What was your favorite toy or gift? (Me)
All of them.
Most favorite? (Me)
XBox One and my Lego Jokerland set and Lego Mr. Gold.

He has such a tender heart and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by saying he liked something more than the other gifts he received. 

FOUR // What's your favorite winter vacation you went on and why?
Beaver's Bend! It's my favorite because my Nana and Papa go and we ride bikes and climb the rocks at the river. 

FIVE // Would you rather live where it's warm all year round or have the seasons?
With the seasons. 

Questions for February:
1) What does the word love mean to you?
2) Kids choice! How do you want to spend Valentine's Day?
3) Do you have a Valentine? If so, who?
4) How many days are in the month of February?
5) How do you show someone you love them?

If you're a planner like me, here are the remaining dates for 2017's The Kids Behind the Blog linkup:
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  1. Goodness you and Nathan have done such an amazing job because Mason is seriously so incredibly kind hearted. I just love hearing his answers because they melt my heart.

  2. He is such a sweet boy! I think he would get along just perfectly with the girls. Legos seem to be 90% of our play time around here. I am loving all of the black and white graphics you have been using lately too.

  3. Mason is probably the sweetest kid ever!

  4. What a lil sweetie! I love that he likes going to Beaver's Bend because the grandparents are there. :)

  5. I love that he put Jesus before everything else! You guys are wonderful parents because he sure is a sweet boy!

  6. He has such a sweet heart, love him! The love of legos must be in boy DNA!

  7. He is such the sweetest boy--he just brings happy tears to my eyes! I really hope I can meet him (and you) this year, I'd love that!

  8. Beaver's Bend sounds like such a fun place!! Man, Mason is just growing so quickly!!

  9. I just love Mason! He's such a cute kid with such a big heart!

  10. SUCH a tender heart. He's diplomatic, a great trait to have :)

  11. Seriously the sweetest child ever. Jesus was the top gift? Gotta love him!!

  12. Aw I love that he enjoys spending time with his grandparents. I am so close with mine and miss them like crazy since we live an ocean apart. Definitely memories to be treasured!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  13. With the seasons - YES YES YES! Although Texas has a pretty pathetic winter, IMO.

  14. Omg he really is the sweetest! And Legos are the best! I may have to hide some of our new sets... we are going through them way faster than I expected!

  15. How sweet he doesn't want to pick one gift he favors over the others! My son would say building legos too!

  16. We are all about Legos in our house too! The 3-in-1 creator sets are Liam's favorite.

  17. His favorite gift - Jesus. Oh my gosh, he has the most sweet, genuine, tender, wise heart. What a good boy you have.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!