{Winter Bucketlist Update // Christmas on the Square, Decking the Halls, Candlelight Service }

Time for our final Winter Bucketlist Update! We managed to cross every last item off of our list this season! Well, I am still in the middle of the Christmas Photo Challenge with Stephanie so that's not in this post. I'll blog about it once I finish it. We've had so much fun Christmas-ing this year. I am sad that the season is over. But, I am sure I will be blogging about Christmas for at least the next couple of weeks. We packed so much into this season! Here is a look at some of the things we checked off our 2016 Winter Bucketlist

Deck the Halls // 

I love our Deckin' of the Halls tradition! We do it the Friday after Thanksgiving every year. We buy our Christmas tree at Home Depot because they always have a great selection! And we've had nothing but good luck with our tree lasting well beyond Christmas. Although, next year I do want to visit a tree farm. I'm dreaming of Christmas tree farm photos something fierce. I blame Laura and Sara and their beautiful Christmas tree farm photos for this!

To see more check out our 2016 Christmas home tour here.

Christmas on the Square //

This event was hosted in the town where Mason goes to school and where we go to church. It was one of the coldest nights, too! Mason rode in the Boy Scouts float for the parade. After the parade we stayed for the lighting of the Christmas tree and then we left. It was too crowded and too cold!

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service // 

This is one of my favorite services of the entire year! There is just something so powerful and moving about the entire congregation singing Silent Night by candlelight. I just love it so much. Our church does not have this service, so we went to the Cowboy Church {we attended there for 10 years}. It was neat to see the church again! It's been a year since we've last been there for last year's candlelight service.

Bake Cookies for Santa // 

I bought pre-cut {easy} cookies for this! We spent Christmas Eve day with my family and then had candlelight Christmas Eve service and I knew there would be no time for baking and decorating cookies! I am so glad I did this because we barely even fit in 12 minutes of baking these! But, we couldn't leave Santa without cookies. Mason even wrote him the sweetest little note to leave with them. And of course Santa wrote him back!!

And two items that I didn't get photos for...

Drive around and look at Christmas lights //

We didn't make it to Dallas this year, but we did drive around our little town to look at lights!

Watch Santa Video // 

I usually take photos on my phone of Mason watching his video every year. But this year I couldn't get it to load on my computer. It would only load through the app on my phone. Mason loved his video just as he does each year. I love to watch the wonder in his eyes as he watches the video. Below is one of the videos Santa sent.

15296467-582f71e6ea00a from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

Such a fun season! How much of your list did you accomplish?


  1. Way to go!! You guys have rocked your list. I love how you incorporate so much into the holidays for Mason. Such a great momma. He is one lucky little boy. The video is so cool!!

  2. We experienced our first candlelit service and I have never been so moved in church before. Singing my the light of the candle about our love for Christ and His love for us will forever be a Christmas moment I will always cherish.

  3. You did SO good friend! I think you did an absolutely amazing job creating some great memories for Mason. I loved seeing all of your adventures through photos.

  4. So sweet that Santa wrote a thank you note! :) Love the pictures.

  5. How cute that Mason wrote to Santa and the he replied, super cute. You do such fun Christmas things. Can't wait for next year and the Christmas tree pictures :)

  6. What a beautiful holiday season you had! Love all the pictures!

  7. Way to go- you rocked that list!


  8. Wow you got a lot done. That sucks that you didn't get to go look at Christmas lights in Dallas though.

  9. Such a good holiday season! I'm so sad it's over! At least we have your posts to keep us warm!

  10. Your house looks so beautiful all decorated! My parents went to a tree farm this year and now I really want to do it next year too!

  11. Wow you did awesome! What a wonderful Christmas season and beautiful photos to remember it all by!

  12. Your December seems like it was so magical! You all did so many wonderful things! Our church doesn't do a candlelit service and I wish it would, it seems like it would be such a marvelous experience.


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