{Halloween Pajama & Costume Party}

The day is finally here! Time to show off your little(s) in their Halloween costumes and pajamas! I have been looking forward to this day ever since I was asked to be a part of this fun party!! There is nothing more adorable than a kid dressed up in a costume or festive pajamas. The link-up is open until November 3rd for those of you that want to wait until after Halloween to show your costumes. Feel free to link-up as many times between now and the 3rd too...as long as it is Halloween costume or pajama themed. And if you're not a blogger you can still join us. Just be sure to tag #costumepty16 in your photos so that we can check them out!

Halloween is so much more fun when you have a kid. We like stock up on masks and costumes during the month of October every single year. Mason loves to dress up and play in them year round so we definitely get our money's worth out of them. So far we have bought no less than half a dozen costumes and masks. And he's played with them non-stop since. Mason is more into the scary/creepy things this year and less of the superhero cute stuff. Sharing some of those with you today.

Masks //

Red Morph Suit //

Mason had the black morph suit last year and loved it. He doesn't really love the red one as much. He says that it's hard to see through. He could see perfectly out of the black one so I am not sure why they are different.I think the material on this one is a little thicker than the black suit. Needless to say he didn't keep it on very long for me to get more pictures.

Prison Costume //

Mason loves this costume and wears it quite often. He loves to play cops and robbers with his Daddy...so this is the bad guy suit for that. But his favorite way to wear this costume is to combine it with another prisoner costume from last year...

Navy Seal //

The Navy Seal costume is one of our favorites from this year! It's just a $22 costume from Walmart, but Nathan spruced it up by adding some things from his stash of tactical gear. Mason looks legit when he wears it. Not pictured here is a holster for his leg, a tactical bag and some other fun gadgets Nate found to use.

And now time for the Halloween Pajamas - my favorite! I had the hardest time buying Mason Halloween pajamas this year. He is a six year old boy, but wears at least an 8 when it comes to pajamas. Kids pajamas run a little on the small side, so we always have to size up. I finally found him a pair on Amazon, of all places. We went with these creepy eye pajamas by Sara's Prints. They glow in the dark and mason loves them.

Halloween Pajamas //

I had so much fun taking these pictures of him! Mason was in a silly mood {if you couldn't tell}. He wanted to show me his 'Mime' skills in the middle of our photoshoot. He was serious and never cracked a smile. I, on the other hand was smiling/giggling so much that my pictures came out pretty blurry! O'well, he's still cute.

And I couldn't end this post without sharing a photo of my other sweet boy! Diesel got a new Halloween bandana. We found it in the gift shop at Jellystone Park this past weekend. He sported it the whole weekend while we camped for the "Fall Fiesta" event and he will wear it again on Halloween. How adorable is he?

And that's a wrap...at least for today! ;) I'm sure I will have more to share after Halloween.

Tell me, what is your favorite costume of all times?

Whitney - Work It Mommy


  1. Mason's love for fun and imagination is awesome! Goodness is he awesome. His masks and costumes are so cool. I love his facial expressions in them. He really takes on the character. His pajamas are adorable. Diesel in his bandana is so sweet. Bo will not let me dress him up in any way. He just gives me a look.

  2. Ahhh I love all of Mason's costumes and masks!! I see he has the Kylo Ren mask (that's who Brayden is being for Halloween) I love his aviator sunglasses too, so adorable!! And those pj's are too cute! :)

  3. You got some amazing pictures! I like the prisoner costume!

  4. So cute! Love that even little Diesel is all festive!

  5. OMG a girl (and boy) after my own heart! I love that both Mason and Noah have so many costumes... And I think you have us beat! I love that Mason got so into it and he really does look official in his camo gear! What do you think he'll choose for actual trick or treating???

  6. I love Mason's enthusiasm for costumes, he is awesome! Jude prefers to snuggle with his costume this year instead of wearing it! And I would never think to look on Amazon for kid's clothes! Diesel's a cutie too!

  7. So much fun! I really like his Navy Seal costume. :)

  8. Love all of these! And I love Diesel's little bandana! We dress our puppy up every year as well!

  9. I love Mason's passion for costumes! It is so fun dressing up and pretending to be anything and everything you want, I feel like him and Kinsey would have a great time playing make-believe together :)

  10. I just love his LOVE for dressing up! Mason, you are too cute! I'm hoping this Halloween helps the kids get more into costumes. I'm planning to go to the store on Tuesday to hopefully pick up some cheap costumes for dress-up!

  11. Oh my gosh this kid has the BEST costumes! I can't get over it! That navy seal one is no joke!

  12. Mason is the master of the costumes! I swear he can rock any costume and be totally into it whether it be happy and fun or scary and dark.
    I love that Diesel got into it too!

  13. Boy costumes are so different from girl costumes... I think they are even more fun ;). That last picture of him wearing the aviators, oh my word. That photo is THE best. So, so, SO cute!

  14. I love that Mason has so many costumes, but wears them for more than just Halloween!!
    And those jammies!! Oh. My. Gosh. THE BEST! We kind of have the same problem with Marcus in finding cute ones for him. All the cutest seem to be too small, and there's nothing fun or festive in the boys sections, or so it seems. I never thought to check Amazon!


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