{Countdown to Halloween // Week 2}

HallAroundTexas - Countdown to Halloween

One of the things on our 2016 fall bucketlist was to buy and carve/decorate pumpkins! We've done quite a bit of that so far!! The first project we tackled was foam pumpkin decorating. We bought several at the dollar store for $1 buck each. Mason added those re-usable kits to them and then on one we added dum dum suckers to the top. It serves as a candy dish and also looks like hair on top of the pumpkin! It's pretty cute. He had so much fun decorating these.

Next, we carved a pie pumpkin that Mason got from the pumpkin patch. We started it late one evening so I knew a pie pumpkin would be a great size. We did it on our front porch and didn't get to finish. Apparently pumpkins attract mosquitoes the size of bats and Mason and I had them swarming around us. We got the insides out, carved the eyes and nose and that was all we could do. Once again, Mason did not like touching {or smelling} the insides of the pumpkin! I thought he would be all over it this year since he's all about messes and gross stuff! ha. We had a good time, ya know, minus the mosquitoes. I will post an update of our pumpkin once we finish it.

Have you carved or decorated pumpkins this year? Do you bake the seeds? I never have and think I might try this year.

Joining Courtney, Nina, Jamie and Liz for 2016 Countdown to Halloween!

+ bake Halloween cookies or make Halloween treats
+ "Boo" Mason's cousins and maybe some friends
+ buy a few 'fall' wardrobe staples
+ buy pumpkins
+ camp at Jellystone Park for Fall Fiesta 
+ decorate or carve pumpkins
+ decorate the porch
+ buy Mase Halloween pajamas
+ follow a fall photo project
+ go camping
+ volunteer at our church's 26th annual fish fry event
+ go on a hayride
+ go to a football game
+ go to Mainstay Farm/Pumpkin patch
+ Take a fall scenic drive
+ go to the Texas State Fair
+ go to the zoo
+ have a Halloween movie night {most likely Hocus Pocus} with themed foods
+ get a PSL or seven
+ make fall wreaths to donate to our church's 26th annual fish fry/bake & craft sale
+ fill our thankful jar with Mason
+ make fall/Halloween crafts
+ have a picnic at the park
+ roast marshmallows
+ stay in a cabin somewhere
+ take fall pictures
+ go on a nature walk/scavenger hunt
+ take Mason trick or treating
+ make the s'mores dip
+ visit the Farmer's Market
+ go to the Texas Country Reporter Festival
+ become members at our church


  1. Mason is full of so much personality. I just adore his willingness to be photographed.

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute are those pumpkins?! I love the idea of getting some foam pumpkins and those re-useable kits and just letting Mason put the pieces wherever he wants. They turned out great!

  3. Love the foam pumpkins! We just got our pumpkins but are waiting until closer to Halloween to carve them so they don't get mushy/attacked by animals! It's also been unseasonably warm here so I don't want them to rot early!

  4. How fun, we tried to roast the seeds once and they just turned out chewy and not that great...darn! OH my goodness that pumpkin decorating is the cutest EVER! And Yuck mosquitoes...boo!

  5. Yikes! Mosquitoes the size of bats?? That's a bummer. Those foam pumpkins turned out super cute. Makes me want to grab some for Ez and Declan.

  6. I love the decorated pumpkins and Noah would love the dum dums! And yes, carving pumpkins is so much fun! I've never baked the seeds though.

  7. Those reusable kits are super cute! Love that idea because yeah, carving is a mess! Gah! I have never done anything with the seeds but throw them away? Maybe I should get on that.

  8. Those pumpkin kits are an awesome idea! I need to find some of those. They would make great quiet hour activities for Marcus and me while Julia sleeps!
    Marcus has been BEGGING for us to carve his pumpkin. It's so hard to explain to a 4-year old that if we cut into the pumpkin too soon it gets soft and squishy and loses it's form. We have big plans for the pumpkins this weekend, though!

  9. Good tip on the mosquito pumpkin carving. I'll avoid that. But the decorated pumpkins are so fun!!! I want 8.

  10. Y'all have been busy having loads of pumpkin fun. That last photo made me laugh too. I don't think my girls would get that close to pumpkin guts, EVER. Baha ha!

  11. Ha! Those face kits totally remind me of Mr Potato Head but with pumpkins, so fun!!

  12. It's like a Mr. Potato Head of pumpkins! So cute!!


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