{Guys behind the blog // October}

In case you missed the original announcement {here}, I've joined a few friends to keep The Guys Behind the Blog link-up going! We are so excited that today is our first installment and includes some fun Halloween themed questions.

October's Questions:
1.) What was your most favorite Halloween costume and why?   
My dad had a guy at work make me custom harness that allowed us to cut a wooden baseball bat in half and screw it in to each side of the harness.  We took an old jersey and cut the holes in front and back to make it look like the bat was going through me.  I was probably 11 or 12 and got a ton of complements on it.

2.) Haunted Houses - love them or hate them? 
I dislike haunted houses, paying to stand in line and I typically think they are cheesy and not scary.

3.) What is your favorite scary movie of all time? 
I don’t watch scary movies but I guess the last one I watched was Final Destination when we were dating.
4.) If you had to attend a mandatory dress up Halloween party this year what would you go as? Probably a lumberjack like last year or a zombie. Maybe a zombie lumberjack…

5.) Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
Yes, I have never seen one but my parents have one in their house.  My grandmother has seen one when she worked as a nurse at the hospital and I just think that there has been to many sightings and things happen that couldn’t be explained so why not.

Below are the questions for November's link-up. It will go live on November 17th (a week earlier due to Thanksgiving)

1 // What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What is your least favorite?

2 // What is a Thanksgiving tradition you liked growing up that you want to continue with your family? For example: Do you eat super early around 3pm or regular dinner time around 6pm? Do you watch football? Do you all go to a particular family member's house? Do you nap after the big meal?

3 // What are your thoughts on Black Friday shopping? Yay or nay?

4 // If you had it your way, would you set up your holiday decorations (Christmas tree, Hanukkah menorah, etc.) before or after Thanksgiving?

5 // What are you most thankful for this year?


  1. Nathan's baseball costume sounds super cool. I wish you had a photo. I agree with him on haunted houses, though I've been scared at some.

  2. Our husbands are so similar! But I can't find the linkup :(

  3. I'm excited to hear the link is is going to still be around! Looking forward to participating!!

  4. Zombie Lumberjack - awesome idea! :)

  5. A zombie lumberjack! Haha. He should totally do it!

  6. That baseball costume sounds awesome and really clever. My hubby isn't too keen on haunted houses either, mainly for the same reason.

    Thank you for getting this back up and running. I'm so happy i'm able to participate with my hubby now!

  7. I love this link up! I just had too many cruise posts to participate. But I love learning about the guys behind the lady ya know!?

  8. A zombie lumberjack! Now he would get a lot of compliments on that costume too! I don't think I've ever seen one of those before :)

  9. Baha ha! That costume, oh my goodness. I wonder what Mason would think of that. I agree with his HH thoughts 100% So not even scary.

  10. Nate's costume really sounds cool! I'd like to see a pic of that one.
    And I laughed at the haunted houses answer. Seems like most guys don't want to pay to stand in line for them!


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