{$10 Target Challenge // October}

It's time for one of my favorite monthly link-ups - the $10 Target Challenge! I love any excuse to go shopping at Target {along with every other lady in this world}!! I went into this challenge looking for a new lipstick and bronzer, but I was unsuccessful. I just couldn't find anything that I loved. Since the makeup was a bust I went to search the Target dollar bins. Those are always a hit! So, what did I get this month?

A navy & white plaid pillow because I already have one in this print and have been wanting another one. I didn't think our Target would get anymore of these since I found it a couple of months ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a few shoved into the bottom bin on this trip. A white ceramic fox because what screams fall better than an adorable white ceramic fox? I can't wait to find a place for him. Two glass jars because I love to put fresh flowers in them. I have some really pretty hydrangeas in them right now and couldn't love it more. And a bandana for Diesel because CUTE! We are camping at Jellystone soon and now Diesel has something to wear with all of the dressed up kids for Halloween.

Did I stay under budge? HA! Have I ever? Let's see...

throw pillow -$5.00
ceramic fox - $3.00
glass jars - $3.00
bandana - $1.00
Total (with tax) - $12.94
minus the redcard 5% = $12.34

I was actually under budget until I found the pillow and I couldn't just leave it there. 

Did you join this challenge? How did you do?

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  1. I went over too but by just a bit. I think it's hard to get out under $10 unless you shop clearance. And even then, for me, I can't stay under $10.

  2. Girl, that throw pillow! Target is KILLING IT! I need to go get one of those now, so thanks! Haha.

  3. I swear I have no idea how you ladies do it. I loooove your haul though! That pillow!!

  4. Oh my gosh that ceramic fox, I need one for myself and everyone in my family. So darn cute! Didn't see that at my Target, but going to go back and look now! That pillow is too cute too.

  5. Haha Target sure can be hard to shop under $10 with, but cute haul.
    Rachel xo

  6. That little fox!!! He is so cute. I love what you got in your haul!

  7. You killed it this month! I love that pillow and it looks awesome on my bench. :) I'll be right over to steal them both. :)

  8. THAT pillow, yes please! I love everything you grabbed. Such a fun little collection. Maybe I'll have the pillow next month :P.

  9. I could spend my whole $10 at the dollar bin every time. I love it. :) The fox is super cute!

  10. The really do have the cutest dog stuff. I wish they had more in the bigger dog sizes though.

  11. I love the pillow! And the fox is adorable... We got the squirrel, but it really was a hard choice!

  12. WOAH!! SO much cute stuff!!
    That pillow was totally worth going over budget!

  13. That fox!! So cute. And $5 for that pillow? What a steal!!

  14. The glass jars are very you! I have the same one in pink, I would love to find it in that color too!

  15. I always love your Target finds! I have to tell you, I did get the Gather banner last month, so now we're twinsies :)


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