{Friday Five // Dentist, Diesel and Karate}

Happy Friday!! If you read my last Friday's post you know that we have had a lot going on around here lately. Well, as if that wasn't enough we learned on Tuesday that there had been over $500 bucks in fraudulent charges to our account. The devil has been working really hard to attack our family, but we are rebuking him in the name of Jesus. He will never rob us of our joy. Anyhow, I think things are finally on the upswing. I mean, it can only get better from here. Monday and Tuesday were pretty eventful days, but other than that we have just been hanging out and taking it easy. I am so glad it's the weekend, though. Here is a bit of what we have been up to this week...

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{T W O} // My sweet, best friend Brittany posted this on Facebook & Instagram Tuesday morning and it was just what I needed to see/hear. Isn't it amazing how much better scripture can make you feel?

{T H R E E} // Monday was Mason's dental appointment where he had a few kind of major things done. We learned that despite our best efforts Mason has porous teeth. Poor child! At this appointment he got a filling, a pulpotomy & crown and a tooth extracted. The plan was to pull the baby tooth and put in a spacer to allow room for the big tooth to come in, but we didn't make it to the spacer part. He kind of freaked a bit after the extraction and the dentist didn't want to bother him anymore. So we will go back in 2 weeks for the spacer. Let me tell you how hard it was for Mason to sit still and not talk for almost an hour and a half! And the laughing gas made him quite loopy and he wanted to dance while laying in the dentist chair! Mason did so good, though and I am so proud of him. He is such a little trooper and braver than I could ever think about being! And of Daddy suggested that I take him to the store afterwards for a prize since he was so good and brave! He picked out a humongous Lego set.

His Nana gave him this little tooth fairy pillow the day before his appointment. He thought it was so cool. And he was pretty excited to wake up and see that the tooth fairy had left him $6 bucks!! He had to call his Nana to let her know that the pillow worked and that the tooth fairy really came! (Even though the night before he broke a little piece of my heart and said that he didn't believe in the tooth fairy and that he knew mom and dad left the money. Sometimes he's too smart for his own good. I think he believes in the tooth fairy a little more today.)

{F O U R} // Last Friday Diesel had a grooming appointment. On the way there Mason asked if we could get Diesel a mohawk and Nathan and I obliged. I mean, why not? When we were checking him in Mason asked our groomer and she said of course. We kind of forgot about it when we went to pick him up. When I saw him I couldn't help but giggle. He was so stinkin' cute! Mason loved it.

{F I V E} // Mason started Karate this week!! We went to two sessions this week and he did so incredibly good. We were impressed and so proud of him. Today he told me that he wants to keep going there even after he has his black belt and that he wants to work there some day.

And a little bonus for ya! Ever since we got the GoPro Mason has talked about making YouTube videos. Well, our pond is lined with bamboo and Mason has started making 'batons' out of branches. He wanted to make a "How to make a bamboo baton" video! How cute is he?!

How to make a bamboo baton by Mason Hall from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

How was your week? What was the best part?


  1. Oh my girl. I'm so sorry about what's been going on. Ugh! What a rockstar Mason was at the dentist. He deserved that Lego set!! And those karate photos are just the best. Looks like so much fun.

  2. You have had so much going on lately! I'm glad Mason's dentist appointment went well. That totally stinks about your bank account, especially right after vacation!
    Oh my goodness, Diesel's mohawk is the cutest thing ever! I hope you have a great weekend with your sweet family.

  3. Mason and Henry would have so much fun making videos together. Henry has a YouTube channel called Hobby Henry. He doesn't add to it a ton, but it's fun! So sorry about your bank account junk. That is terrible! And Mason's poor teeth! Poor buddy!

  4. LOL at the doggie mohawk! Wow about Mason and the dentist. That's a lot for a little kid to go through! Those legos should keep him occupied for awhile! I don't think Simon could put together such a big set! Also, great that he's doing karate!

  5. Poor Mason! All that dental work sounds horrible!

  6. Soo cute! I just love his video. I'm so sorry that he's having all this dental work done. Bless his heart but he's a tough guy! Diesel's hair do looks so cute, too! I'm glad he still believes in the tooth fairy, a little bit. Nana saved the day with the tooth pillow!

    Happy Weekend Doll!

  7. Love that he's doing karate! So happy that he's loving it!

  8. That dentist appt sounds awful; what a brave boy! And I'm loving that Mohawk!

  9. Wow that dentist appointment sounds terrible! How heart breaking for you and what a trooper!!

  10. What an adorable tooth pillow! A great way to not loose the tooth and money! :)

  11. Mason sounds like a total champ. He totally earned that huge Lego set! I love that you have him in Karate too. The mentality and manners that go along with it are something that all little boys should get a dose of. Hope your weekend was amazing.

  12. Lots of stuff going on in this post but I can't get over that tooth pillow!! I know I've got a few years before their baby teeth come out, but they definitely need that ;) The dentist is an awful place to be. It's a lot of willpower for me to sit still with my mouth open for that long, I have no idea how Mason managed it. He did great! And that mohawk is adorable. Great styling choice, Mason.

  13. Poor Mason! The dentist is not fun on a regular day, let alone a trip with all sorts of work done. Your little man is such a trooper!
    And how awesome that he's started karate!

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