{He said what??}

It's been a while since I have done a he said what post. Mason is such a witty little kid and he's always saying something that cracks us up! I've done a crappy job of documenting them lately, though! There's just not enough time in the day. But now that he's home with me for summer I am getting to hear all kinds of things from him. These are some of my favorites...

We had gone through the drive thru at Chicken Express and Mason noticed I didn't get any food...

Mase - Mom did you only get a drink and no food?
Me - Yeah, they don't have salads here.
Mase - Man, you eat a lot of salads. What are you? A vegetarian or something??


Nate shaved his beard the other night...

Me - Mase look at Daddy's beard.
Mase - Whoa! You look like Dave after he just finished taking his math test. Dave is a guy that didn't make it past the 7th grade.

hmmm, okay!

We were laying in bed and Mason took a really deep breath...

Me - What's wrong baby?
Mase - Oh nothing. I'm just feeling how happy it is to be alive.


Mason was being really still and quiet on the couch and if you know him then you know it's not normal at all...

Me - Mase what's wrong? Are you tired?
Mase - Yes, man Mrs. Shelby wore me out today. 

Mrs. Shelby is his swim instructor!


Talking about Diesel...

Mase - Mom it must be really boring to be Diesel. He eats and drinks the same thing for breakfast, lunch, supper, snack and dessert. Except for when I give him a goldfish or something. 
Me - Mase you're not supposed to feed him your food.
Mase - Mom I just can't help it. He gives me those sad big eyes and I just haaaaave to!


Mase - Mom I love you. 
Me - I love you too.
Mase - Diesel, I just ADORE you! You're the best dog ever. 


Mase - Mom what is Yale?
Me - It's a college.
Mase - Is it the best college?
Me - It's a pretty good one.
Mase - Tell me if it's the best though. If it is the best, then that's where I want to go.


Mase - When I'm in high school I am going to have my own apartment.
Me - Absolutely not. Maybe when you're in college you can get an apartment.
Mase - with a girl?

What the heck? I think it's because he was watching Good Luck Charlie the other day and the two older kids were in college. He noticed they had roommates of the same gender and started asking me why they were sharing a room. Then we discussed how college dorms are usually separated by girls and boys. But still. Oh my word.


Mason's Nana had found some kind of metal thing with the letter M {I have yet to see it} and gave it to Mason. He feels like the piece is valuable and that he could sell it and make $5 or $25 off of it...

Mase - Mom, do you think I should sell it for $5 or $25?
Me - Well, Mase it's not really nice to sell something that Nana gave you.
Mase - Mom, I'm going to sell it and then give the money to Nana for taking me to swim lessons.

and then about an hour later in bed...

Mase - Mom, I've been thinking about it and I want to sell the M for $25 and then take that money and buy food for all those people out there that don't have food or homes. I will just buy food because I know I can't buy them a house with only $25. But, who will buy them a home?

Me - Mason, that is so kind of you. We will just have to pray for shelter or a home for those people.

Mason - what if someone needs to stay here for a bit? I would sleep on the couch and they could have my room.

Me - Again, so sweet. But let's just pray for them for now, okay bud?

Mase - okay, I am doing that right now.

I love his tender little heart so very much!!


I wish I was a rabbit so that I could poop faster and have little poops.


Mom, am I a preteen now?


Mom, did you know that red and blue do not get along and that's why they make purple bruises?


Has your kid(s) said anything hilarious lately?


  1. Mason is so sweet! Can't wait to hear about him going off to Yale and living with a girl, haha! And glad to hear Noah isn't the only one talking about pooping! It really is good to be alive :)

  2. Bahaha!!! Oh Mason always makes me laugh SO hard the "with a girl" and vegetarian remarks had to be my favorites this time.

  3. Such a sweet boy! I love that picture of him! And the apartment with a girl, slow down buddy. ;)

    Great minds, I just posted a Cash says yesterday, too. :)

  4. Omg Mason is the best!!! And apartment with a girl cracked me up. ;)

  5. Those are great! Yesterday, Gabbie came home from camp and she and Zachary were having a long discussion about some youtube shows they both watch. So Simon said (about Gabbie and Zachary) "I think they remember each other!"

  6. Oh my gosh, these are SO GOOD!! I love him and his big heart and goofiness! What a sweet hilarious boy!

  7. "Dave is a guy that didn't make it past the 7th grade." Haha!!

  8. Mason is seriously the cutest!! LOVE the conversation where he wanted to buy food for people in need. He is so, so sweet.

  9. Oh my gosh what a sweet and clever little boy you have! So great you're able to document these little things!!

  10. Are you a vegetarian? HAHA!!
    I love that he's thinking about college! Yale wouldn't be a bad place to go!
    And, seriously, how sweet is he to want to help those who don't have a home.

  11. Bless his heart, "just feeling how happy it is to be alive" best quote I ever did read!

  12. My goodness Mason! Slow down!! Mama is not ready for you to be talking about college yet!
    But seriously, I LOVE these. Kids say the funniest and cutest things and Mason just has a heart of gold!

  13. Mason is not only witty but he's the most kind hearted kid I've ever seen. He's adorable! I feel the same way about Willow. She gives me those sad eyes and I give her a little bit of whatever I have. He and I have the same love of dogs, I think.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!