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Welcome to our 6th installment of "The Kids Behind the Blog"!! If you're new to this link-up you can find all the details here. I know I may be a just a bit biased, but this is seriously one of my favorite link-ups each month. It's so much fun to read what the kids have to say each time. Kids say the most hilarious things and are so unpredictable. It's my favorite!! I hope you'll join my co-hosts (Stephanie, Meghan, Jessica and Beth) & I and link-up with us. Can't wait to see how your kid(s) answered these fun Dad-themed questions this month. Mason surprised me a bit with some of his answers...

July's Questions and Mason's {short} Answers:

1. What  2 things do you like to do outside in the summer?

Ride bikes and go swimming!

2. If you could go anywhere this Summer where would you go and why?

Mason, TX or home

3. What is your favorite thing about summer?

Riding bikes.

4. If you could pick any way to spend a hot Summer day, how would you spend it?

Ride bikes and then go swimming

5. What is your favorite Summer treat?

Snowcones and ice cream

And for the longer version of his answers see video below! Excuse the wind and my neighbors mower. We went outside because our house has no natural light and of course it was so noisy. Of course.
The Kids Behind the Blog - July from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.

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Remaining dates for this year:

August 10th, September 14th, October 12th, November 9th, December 14th

Questions for August:

1. What was your favorite thing you did over the summer?
2. What’s your favorite thing to learn about at school?
3. Who is your best friend from school?
4. What do you want be when you grow up?
5. What is your least favorite thing about school?


  1. Riding bikes and swimming... That is what a little boy's summer should be all about! And I love that he said home for where to go!

  2. It must be the month of short answers because Cam was the same way. Stinkers!! Love his answers though. Mason knows what he likes and doesn't have to give an explanation. :)

  3. Riding bikes and swimming seem like great ideas to me! Does he like Mason, TX because of the name?

  4. Cute - I expected Zachary to talk about bike riding too, but he focused on swimming!

  5. So... he likes to ride bikes and swim? Hehe he! My girls had a similar theme going too.

  6. What a great idea. I plan on linking up next month. I loved his answers. Have a great day!

  7. He nailed every perfect summer activity!

  8. I think Mason likes to ride bikes & swim. ;) Hope you guys are having the best time on vacation!

  9. Cute! Growing up in Wimberley, Mason (TX) was in our district some years and we'd have to drive there for football and basketball games. I always dreaded it so much. It was the longest ride ever on a school bus! So it's funny to me that he wants to go there, but I totally get it! My Kendall loves going to Boerne because it's in Kendall County!

  10. Riding bikes and going swimming - summer staples, for sure!! And, you have been doing both of those so much. Mason must be having the best summer!

  11. Sounds to me like he has a great grasp on all things summer!

  12. He's so cute! I love his answers. It sounds like he knows what Summer is all about!

  13. Haha, I love that every answer involved riding bikes and swimming, love summer time!

  14. I think Connor is the only person who didn't say swimming!!

  15. Riding bikes and swimming = perfect summer! Sounds like he's having a great time :)

  16. So, he loves to ride bikes! Haha!! Does he like popsicles?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!