{Weekend Wrap-up // Waxahachie // Waco}

Man, oh man! How is it already Monday? It's always those really good weekends that go by entirely too fast. After a couple weeks of crazy, this weekend was just what we needed. It was filled with lots of family time and just all around good.

Friday evening we visited with my family for a while at my parent's place. Mason had a blast playing with his 4 cousins. We just laugh and shake our heads because we truly live in a boys world! They played Minecraft on the XBox and then decided to play Minecraft in real life. ha! Then we ran through the Taco Bell drive-thru for some supper. Nathan and I were both craving a bean burrito from there for some reason! We ate and then got ready to take Mason to a late night (9:20) movie of The Secret Life of Pets. Mason had already seen it earlier that week with his Nana, but he wanted us to see it as well. We originally were going to see Ghostbusters, but we gave Mason the option of seeing whatever. He chose Secret Life of Pets again. It was really cute and we laughed out loud at so many parts. We enjoyed it. Side note - when did going to the movies get so expensive? We spent $60 on just us three that night.

Saturday morning Nate left around 9:30 to go fishing down at the pond. I retreated to the couch and caught up on a couple episodes of The Bachelorette. I had to wake Mason up at 11:00 am and he was by no means ready to be awake yet! We are still on vacation/summer time around here and soaking up every last second of it. We eventually got ready and decided to spend the day around town supporting our favorite local places. We started with lunch at Oma's...our favorite little burger joint! We've known several of the owners over the years and we're friends with sweet Roxy (cook). The restaurant is a little hole in the wall/diner style and we love it! I've blogged about it before, which you can check out here.

Nathan normally orders a 4x4 burger (4 meats/4 cheeses) when we visit Oma's, but this time he decided to up his burger game. Their burgers are fairly small and he knew that he would still be hungry if he just got the 4x4! He asked if he could get as many patties and cheese slices as he wanted and of course they said yes. So, homeboy ordered a 6x6 burger! 6 patties and 6 slices of cheese. AND HE ATE IT ALL. He admitted later that it was a bit much.


After lunch we went to visit Ozzy's. If you've been around my blog for a minute you know that we love our snowcones from Ozzy's and frequent as often as we can. It's the perfect treat for those hot Texas summer days. Well, Ozzy's went through a bit of change this summer. The original owners (and our friends) were too busy with their other business and couldn't run Ozzy's anymore. womp. womp. We were so sad because we loved visiting with them each time. Anyhow, another lady tried to take over and failed (miserably). She changed so many things, the flavors were different and you just didn't get that friendly vibe that we so dearly loved. She had the stand closed more often than she had it opened and eventually closed for good. We were so bummed. Until this week...a new couple bought it and reopened it on Saturday. And they fully intend on keeping everything the same as the original Ozzy's. We couldn't wait to go show our support!

It was awesome! The new owners were so sweet and personable. It was great to meet them! And the cones were good, too. Mason got Buttercream, Nate got Blue Coconut and I got creamy Pina Colada! So much better than the previous and so much like the original! I can't believe I didn't get pictures of the cones. We can't wait to go back. Today, maybe?!

After snowcones we went to Waxahachie Lake. We found the neatest little cove that was filled with lily pads. Luckily. Nate had his fishing gear in the back of the truck and lucky for me I had my big camera! We've done a lot of fishing lately and I have some posts about fishing coming up! For now, I'll share the gazillion pictures I took.


When Mason wasn't fishing he had a great time playing with the lily pads and wearing them as a hat!

After spending a while in the lily pad cove we drove around to another part of the lake. Nate fished while Mason and I climbed the rocks and got our feet wet!


To round out our Saturday evening we had supper at another local favorite, The Catfish Plantation. The restaurant is supposedly haunted and has such a fun atmosphere. We haven't been in years because the food isn't usually our favorite...we just like the restaurant! It's in an old Victorian house near the Gingerbread area of our town. Catfish Plantation has been featured on many tv shows, in magazines and newspapers, etc because of it's 'ghost' friends. I always snap a ton of pictures while there to try and 'capture' something. We haven't really seen anything too peculiar...yet. A lady sitting at the table next to us started fanning herself and the waitress saw her. The lady said, it's been really pleasant in here, but I just got really warm all of a sudden. The waitress said, "oh that is one of the ghosts near you!" Who really knows...but it sure is fun!


Despite Nate's best efforts at trying to scare Mason, Mason spent the majority of the time trying to convince us that it was lame and that he wasn't scared one bit. That was until we visited the restroom....

He then told me, "Okay, this place is a bit creepy. It just feels weird in here." I couldn't agree more!

Sunday was church, which was amazing!!! Gracious, I love me some church. Afterwards we went with the family to Waco to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. We ate at one of his favorite restaurants, Manny's on the River. We dined out on a deck that extended over the brazos river! We loved it!

We capped off Sunday evening with yet some more fishing!

Whew! This post took me forever to compile. There are a ton photos in this post and it's only about 1/3 of what I actually took this weekend!

How was your weekend?


  1. That burger looks amazing and so does your weekend!

  2. Girl, that is one heck of a weekend! I hate when ones like that go so quickly. Holy burger!! I can't believe Nate ate all of that. My tummy hurts just thinking about it. Ha ha!

  3. I saw that burger and it looks soooo good!! Uh, an awesome greasy burger sounds so good now! Sounds like an awesome lazy weekend to me!

  4. That burger is crazy! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  5. Your posts have been the epitome of what summer should be!!
    That 6x6 is nuts! But the restaurant totally looks like a place Scott would LOVE!
    We haven't had a single sno-cone all summer, and I'm totally bummed. I just know Marcus would love one.
    And, um... ghosts?! Eeeek!!

  6. There were 62 photos in that post?! Okay so I was this close to going back and counting but I decided to just believe you. 62 photos, 62 great memories. It looks like you had an amazing weekend. All of that food has made me hungry, especially that burger.

  7. That burger!! Hahaha! So funny!

    The other "haunted" restaurant looks pretty cool!

  8. The movies are soooo expensive, I don't get how families with more than one kid pay for it! That burger looks amazing! And you don't take enough pics of yourself! I think all moms are guilty of that but I love the ones you includes of yourself!

  9. I am so happy to see you in a photo. You need to be in photos more, pretty Mama.

  10. What a great weekend! That snow come place is so cute and I love all the pictures in this post!

  11. First off, can Mason teach Noah how to sleep in!?! I'm seriously envious of you right now! And I'm cracking up that Mason asked you to take a photo of him drinking. The other morning Noah was just coloring and he's like, aren't you gonna take my photo??

  12. I love seeing all your weekend pictures! I love that you guys make it a point to make memories as a family! That burger looks heavenly! I agree, the women's restroom at Catfish Plantation is the by far the creepiest room in the place! When I go with my girlfriends, we all go to the restroom together because we are scared to go alone!

  13. Oh my goodness movies are SO expensive!!! I only do matinees now and that's once in a blue moon.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!