{Summer-time Photo Checklist // 50 photos to take this summer}

Several of my friends are participating in a summer photo challenge on Instagram and it got my wheels turning. I want to challenge myself to take some photos that capture the true essence of summer. I am not giving myself a theme for each day, but rather a list of things I want to photograph throughout the whole summer. So, I made myself a list of 50 photos to take this summer. This is everything I can think of that screams summer to me. And I am not putting the pressure on myself to capture them all. I can't wait to snap my way through summer.
Hall Around Texas Summer Photo Checklist
1.) adventure
2.) popsicles
3.) summer tradition
4.) riding bikes
5.) jumping on the trampoline
6.) red, white and blue
7.) fireworks
8.) the flag
9.) camping
10.) watermelon
11.) footprints in the sand
12.) beach
13.) swimming
14.) sandcastles
15.) beach toys
16.) sunset/sunrise
17.) silhouette
18.) slip-n-slide
19.) sunglasses
20.) road trip map
21.) freckles
22.) seashells
23.) pool float
24.) tickets
25.) souvenir
26.) smiles
27.) fishing
28.) beach hair
29.) turquoise
30.) sweet tea
31.) barefoot
32.) tanlines
33.) flip flops
34.) sunflare
35.) road trip
36.) childhood
37.) diving board
38.) wrinkly fingers
39.) parade
40.) palm trees
41.) bright colors
42.) amusement park
43.) bathing suit/swim trunks
44.) under water
45.) making s'mores
46.) cocktails
47.) kayak/boat
48.) floating
49.) fire flies
50.) travel

What are you photographing this summer? What screams summer to you?


  1. Love all of these. Such great photos to take. I need to grab a few shots of my kiddos.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this. I may give it a try but I may not get all prompts photographed.

  3. I love this! This list screams summer to me and is the perfect checklist to capture the essence of summer!

  4. Photo challenges are so fun! This list is awesome and I like that you didn't assign a topic for each day. It makes it so much more spontaneous and genuine when you don't have to plan for a photo.

  5. Ooooh I love this! Seems like you've already got a great start with all of your amazing summer photos to date!

  6. How fun! This is so perfect to do things this summer that are fun and you'll get such great photos!

  7. LOVE this list! Hope you're having a great time on vacation!

  8. I love this! These kind of challenges are always so fun! I need to save this list and snap a few of my own!

  9. Such a fun list! All of these items scream summer! Can't wait to see the pictures to go along with this challenge. You have amazing photog skills girlfriend!

  10. You should really lead a photo challenge! These all scream summer fun to me too!

  11. Such a great list and I TOTALLY agree with Whitney ^ You really should create a photo challenge. I bet a lot of us would join you!

  12. Great list! They are exactly what summer is about! You should do a challenge... I'd participate!

  13. Such a great list! Definitely won't complete them all, but they're such awesome ideas!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!