{Mason's Pre-K Graduation}

Well, we {and by we I mean I} survived Pre-K graduation! It was the cutest most sweetest ceremony EVER! The owner puts so much into making it a really special night. Her heart and love for the kids is evident. She barely made it through her speech talking about how special the kids are to her and how much she loves them! She said that someone once asked her how she's closer to her Pre-K & Day care kids than her own family and she said, "Which family member do you spend over 250 days out of the year with?" Oh I just love her! Sure, I am sad that my baby is no longer a Pre-K kid and is all big and starting Kindergarten this year, but I am also sad to leave behind the most amazing school we have ever been a part of! 

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We walked into the church last night to see the greatest Fire House themed graduation! Mason goes to Fire House Kids Christian Academy and it was their 5th year so they went with the Fire House theme. It was perfect and I couldn't imagine it any other way. They had three walls set up and decorated for each of the three classes. On the walls hung an 11x14 sized fire house themed picture of each of the kids! SO cute! And then there were tables of gifts for each of the families and kids! After the ceremony we got to take the pictures and the gifts with us. And the gift? Talk about amazing! They handmade a chalkboard for each of the kids complete with all of their Pre-K info...age, favorites, best friend, what they want to be, etc. I will cherish it forever! 

 photo 3_zpsnen5qesl.jpg  photo 1_zpsrohgg6os.jpg

The ceremony started with a slideshow of the first class in which they interviewed each of the kids in their cap and gown. Each were asked 3 questions and their responses were priceless. Then that class performed 2 songs and recited a poem showcasing what they learned. Then the other two classes followed suit. Then the kids went to get their caps and gowns on for the graduation ceremony. While that transition was going on we watched a slideshow of the children with their baby picture and picture now! Of course I entered the black and white picture of Mason in his aviators! It's a fav around here. And it seemed to be a favorite last night, too!! Then the graduation started. So, so bittersweet!!!

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We now have a Pre-K grad and we couldn't be more proud of him!! 

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  1. What a fantastic job they did on the graduation. I just love that they went all out with that theme. Super fun! Those pictures are super adorable too and you took some great ones as well. What awesome memories closing out the Pre-K chapter of life!


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