{He said What? // Things my four year old says}

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I love to document the things Mason says here on this blog. He's hilarious and keeps us laughing and there are just some things I want to remember always.

>> Mom did you know there is a really cool jewel named Ruby Gold Biscuits?

>> Me: Mason how is your vanilla shake?
Mason: GOOD! Tastes like bananas and popcorn!!

>> {Playing Petshop talking about a crocodile} All my pets are trained and already nice. And he doesn't pee everywhere either. And he normally costs $6000 but you can have him for free because I am a nice guy.

>> Mom you're kind of weird, but you're really cool. {gee, thanks!}

>> Mom send this picture to Peter Parker! {as he is standing on top of his playhouse}

>> Nate: Mason do not leave this barn without telling us where you are going first. Don't go off exploring by yourself.
Mason: But Dad...I just want to see the world that God made.

>> Mama I hurt my toe. It's the toe after the thumb toe.

>> {talking about buckout night at our church} Mason: Mom can I ride a little bull?
Me: Nope, only a sheep.
Mason: I guess that'd be alright.

>> {talking about show & tell at school} Me: Mason did you play your harmonica today?
Mason: yes ma'am!
Me: What song did you play?
Mason: A mexican song.
{he loves the spanish station on the radio!!}

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  1. I have two boys and I love what comes out sometimes! It's great that you journal your funny conversations here so you can go back to them later on for a laugh!

  2. Oh my goodness. I love the one about you being weird but still cool. So adorable. I love when the kids I babysit say adorable things. The three-year-old once asked me why I had holes in my ears and who took the holes out her ears when I explained to her she couldn't wear my earrings. Her mom and I laughed for a while on that one.

  3. These are my fave!!! :) haha! He is the best!

  4. I know it's a used statement - but kids say the darndest things is so true. I always giggle at the things that their minds make up.

  5. I used to record these little moments with my oldest but I've forgotten with my other two. Once in a while I catch a moment ....

  6. Hahaha! They are so entertaining with the stuff that comes out of their mouth! The one where he calls you weird is my fave!

  7. Hahaha! They are so entertaining with the stuff that comes out of their mouth! The one where he calls you weird is my fave!

  8. haha, as always these never disappoint :)

  9. So funny! You can have him for free, because I am a nice guy! He must keep your family laughing, so cute!

  10. Mason is so funny. I always love these posts!

    Bananas and popcorn huh? Woah. I get some pretty interesting answers like that from Emily too.

  11. These are my favorite! He has such a fun personality!


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