I have a love/hate relationship with the app Timehop. I love to see all of our memories that we have made, but sometimes it just makes me so darn sad. And it makes me realize how quickly time passes by. And sometimes I think why in the world did I post that? I am sure all of you Mamas can relate. 

Some of my favorite timehops are of the things that Mason says...
 photo 10410094_10152711876541148_1094544267668672880_n_zpssezz4yv3.jpg  photo 10956209_10152655138971148_3940866099222766096_n_zpss1wzgh2p.jpg  photo 11178240_10152667361181148_1401145287064396435_n_zpsvaoufdzu.jpg  photo 10660259_10152649518276148_6140239053557651909_n_zps3jgwpvso.jpg
And some of my favorite pictures...

 photo 10996068_10152671439636148_2788124991469139075_n_zpstwmyzsx8.jpg  photo 10923221_10152667369231148_2177318309611116231_n_zpsfrzh22zb.jpg  photo 11027453_10152679000011148_8144181516728775565_n_zpsfzf6yhwp.jpg  photo 10689477_10152684129081148_4780588983019855079_n_zpszua2wzny.jpg  photo 1510010_10152677880811148_4767355943255335221_n_zps9kbltndj.jpg  photo 11169923_10152684130471148_8420816557450127262_n_zpsiliki10z.jpg  photo 11053291_10152693386686148_6016028528320207614_n_zps6m8ozwgn.jpg  photo 10406395_10152702820221148_5015634190706578649_n_zpsibxanhlu.jpg

Do you use the Timehop app?
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  1. Oh my goodness that kid is such a hoot.

    I completely agree. I love/hate time hop too!

  2. Oh so sweet! I think I need to get time hop!
    How does it work with the quotes? Do you just type in what he says and it saves it? I thought it was only for pictures?


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