{Our Love Story // Part 4}

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As if Nathan and I weren't already inseparable we became even more attached.  Going through something that tough really makes you realize that tomorrow is not promised to anyone. A profound wake-up call, if you will. We traveled together, started new jobs, and just lived life to the fullest. 

In the Summer of 2005 Nathan asked me to marry him. It wasn't some big production, but it was perfect for us. It was just us two and he just asked me. He didn't even have a ring {it was being custom made by a jeweler the family used} but he didn't want to wait. I of course said yes. And he officially got down on one knee and asked me once the ring was ready! We planned for over a year and finally said "I do" in August of 2006. We got married in an outdoor garden and had close to 200 of our closest friends and family there. We are still not sure why we wed in the heat of the summer in Texas outside, but August 25th just seemed like the perfect day to us. Our poor guests! 

We lived in Nate's Grandfather's house that was inherited to the family in the town that we grew up in. At this time Nate's parents had already moved out to the town that we now call home. We fell in love with the area, the slower paced way of living and all of the country. We visited them every single chance we got. There was a good chunk of land for sell right behind his parents, but it was out of our price range at the time. We went on a trip to Colorado and when we got back the land had been sold and they were already building on the land. We were so bummed. Nathan and I both knew that this was where we wanted to live and raise our future children. 6 months later the couple put that house and land up for sale. Again, out of our price range because they were not only selling the house and the 2 acres behind it, but the other 1.5 acres together as a package. Bummed, again. And then a month or so after that we noticed they split up the two lots & lowered the price and it was finally in our price range! We made an appointment with the couple to see the house and walked in the front doors and knew that's where we wanted to call home. It was so open and so warm and inviting. And it was just perfect for us. We let the couple know that we were interested! Then we started working with the bank to get pre-approved and seeked counsel from his parents. We always include them in any big decision that we make {they've always steered us right}. They were selling by-owner so we went to office depot and got papers to put an offer on the house. We left it in their mailbox because they were not home and Nate called to let him know. It was then that our hopes and dreams were crushed. Charlie told Nate that he had a guy coming in from Tennessee to see the house and that he was pretty serious about buying. I remember crying and just praying to God that his will be done. But I tried to prepare my mind that we weren't getting the house because c'mon, he was coming all the way from Tennessee to see the house! And we knew that he would love it just as we did. 

A couple of days later Charlie called us and said that he and his wife thought about it and would love nothing more than for us to have the house. They felt it was right for us and wanted us close to Nate's parents. So, we finished up on the paperwork and got the home-loan and a month later we were homeowners!! We let the couple stay in the home a couple weeks after our closing date because they were waiting on their house to be built. And we weren't pressed for time with moving in {just excited}. We actually got the keys while Nate and I were in Colorado {again}  for his best friend's wedding. So it was even longer before we got the house! We moved in to our new home around the middle of April in 2007. 

Several months later we realized that we were missing something. We were ready to have a family and a little one to share our home and our hearts with. So by the end of the year we started trying for a baby. I will spare you all the details. Let's just say that it was a very long and bumpy road. We got our little Diesel boy {Yorkie} in March of 2008 and though he filled our hearts with so much joy we still longed for a baby. Side note - to read about Diesel's miraculous story click here. It's worth it - I promise! :)

Several years later on September 25, 2009 we finally got that positive sign on that little stick...one of the biggest blessings of our life! And on December 18th, 2009 we found out we were having a little boy.  Nathan was surprised, I wasn't. I tried telling him from day one that it was a boy {ha!} but he was sure he was having a little girl. 

I had a fairly easy pregnancy. Well, I can say that now. I had nausea 24/7, heartburn like crazy, and zero energy...but I loved being pregnant. Every single minute of it. Around 4 months along my sono tech noticed that my amniotic fluid levels were higher than normal. After some extensive testing, we found that I was borderline polyhydramnios and my doctor ordered me to weekly sonograms and appointments from that point on to monitor my fluid levels. They never decreased, but they didn't increase either. Praise Jesus! And, I loved being able to see my sweet boy each and every single week. Before Mason was even born I had hundreds of pictures of him, :) 

We were sent over to be induced after a routine doctor appointment, or so we thought. I was already in labor when I got to the hospital, I just didn't know it. I have a super high tolerance for pain. Backtracking a bit; I had a sonogram before my dr apt and it showed that Mason hadn't grown or gained an ounce in over two weeks. My dr wanted me to deliver asap to make sure there wasn't anything wrong, I had a fairly easy labor and delivery even with being diagnosed with Toxemia at the hospital and on {the devil drug} magnesium. Again, I have a very high tolerance for pain and only really got my epidural by the recommendation of my nurse. I actually waited too long to ask for more medicine in my drip and it was too late. Mason was already too low and ready and the medicine would never have time to travel to where it needed to be. So, I basically gave birth naturally.  Mason was born on Tuesday, May 25th at 11:39 pm, and our lives were forever changed.

Mason has completed us in more ways than we can count, or even knew that we needed. He's now a spunky little four-year-old boy with a heart of gold and a silly spirit that will make you laugh until your sides hurt. He's the best part of us. We couldn't be more blessed.

And that pretty much catches us up to where we are now. Nathan and I will celebrate our 19th year together this November and our 9th year of marriage in August of this year. It just keeps getting sweeter!!!

And because it's the number one question we get {on the daily}...will there be any other little Hall babies anytime soon? We sure hope so. God willing, we'd love to give Mason a sibling one day. 

Thanks for reading along our love story! It's been fun to reminisce.  Did I miss anything? Got any questions? Send them my way! 


  1. I love the story of your family, Crystal. Even without knowing the story, you can tell how much love the three of you share by the pictures and little stories you share, but knowing the story now makes it all the more special. Bless you & your fam!!

  2. What a fantastic story of love, faith and perseverance! I always love reading about other couple's journeys--every one has it's own highs and lows--something we can all connect with on a deeper level.

    I appreciate you sharing your story! It made me smile to see your happy ending!

  3. I am a sucker for a good love story. Your family is BEAUTFUL. And my family is in love with Texas. It is our dream and goal to move one day. Every day my son and I say, "We're moving to Texas!" If only we can sell this old house!!! And find a job....we'll need one of those. :) Popping over from the Blog Love Project.

  4. I just read the whole thing, and it was so cute! By the way- you guys are the cutest couple, I love all of your pictures- they're so cute.

  5. Such a beautiful story! I love that they decided that you two deserved the house. It was meant to be for sure. You have such a beautiful family. :-)

  6. Such a beautiful couple and story!!

  7. Love that last pic of the three of you. So amazing how things worked out for you on the home front. Having grandparents so close must be great for Mason. And I remember reading about Diesel back when you found him. Such a heartwarming story!

  8. You have a beautiful family. Many blessings to y'all in the future & thank you for sharing.

  9. Such a beautiful love story!

  10. Such a sweet story! I love when it all works out... You have the house, your adorable Mason and a little yorkie man!

  11. Your story is seriously one of the sweetest. How great that everything worked out exactly as you had hoped and prayed for. God sure is good. :)

  12. What a wonderful journey and such a beautiful love story.

  13. 1. I have a picture in that exact same spot in Vegas. Too funny!
    2. My dad's birthday and my parent's anniversary is August 25th! How crazy!
    3. LOVE the conclusion to your story! Well maybe not the conclusion if there are more babies! But part 4 :)

  14. I have loved reading the whole love story! So sweet! And what a happy ending!

  15. What a fun story! We were married in August too August 18th 2007. So y'all were getting ready to celebrate your first anniversary when we said I do. Man is August a HOT month to get married. I loved reading more about your story!


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