{What I've learned from being a boy mom}

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Nothing in the world could have prepared me for having a little boy. Nothing. Everyday is a new adventure, an unexpected curve ball, a tantrum, a new gray hair or two, and a whole lotta love and fun. 

I am by no means an expert, but this is what I've learned from being a boy mom for almost five {gasp} years now.


Always check the toilet seat {and the wall and the floor, and anything else within a 6ft radius} before sitting down to potty. Boys.pee.everywhere. 
Ps - you will start using words like potty.

Boys will also pee anywhere. Like on the playground at school. Yep, that happened a time or two.

They love to be naked all the time. And he will plead that he just wants to "play like a redneck mommmmm." 

He will unintentionally set you up for the wrath of Legos. You will step on one and scream for an ambulance. Those little suckers hurt. 

He will push your buttons like none other...and then turn on the charm once he knows you've hit your breaking point. #heknowshescute

He will have to poop every single time you sit down for supper. ever.single.time. #thenewmommydiet 

He will want to talk about poop all day everyday. Poop is apparently the funniest word in the world to a four year old boy. So is butt and boobies. And, he will get in trouble for using these words at school...on the daily.

And will tell you there is most definitely a difference between a poot and a toot. 

He will like stinky things like the smell of a skunk.

He will find the very last drop of mud outside and somehow smear that last drop from head to toe. It will be the biggest battle to get him in the bath. And once he's in? Another battle to get him out. 

Loud is the only volume they have. Whisper? What is that?

He will talk 24/7. Yes, even in his sleep.

No? A word that is not in their vocabulary. Period.

He will want to play cops & bad guys every single night, no matter what time it is. And you can't just have one weapon...he will bring out no less than 57. And his arms will mysteriously be tired/broken when cleanup time rolls around.

Your purse will become his backpack. Because we can't go into town without 93 toys. That's just ridiculous!

You will have to answer odd questions like "What kind of hair is this on my eyebrows?" and it better be the correct answer. FYI - I don't know or ask your dad is not the correct answer. Another FYI - 'eyebrow hair' totally worked! 

He will tie a leash onto a grasshopper to keep it from hopping away and truly expect it to be his newest pet.

♥ ♥ ♥ 

But, above it all he will have the kindest, sweetest heart with the most gentle soul and will make you be so proud to be his Mommy. Boys love their Mama something fierce and its the most incredible feeling ever. God knew what he was doing when he made me a boy mama!! 

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  1. I love this!! I hope I can have a boy one day :)

  2. poop, bottoms, butts, everything. Its SO TRUE. oh and the questions... yes. "why does the garbage truck only go this way on our road but goes the other way on that road?" or "why do glasses help my eyes?" "howcome Ainsley doesn't need glasses?" Zander talks in his sleep too. pretty sure we'll need to get him some Avengers sheets soon. ;) haha

  3. Haha!! I have a little girl, but boys sound so fun. I really enjoyed reading this! Made me laugh. Thanks momma!

  4. Oh man, my son totally talks in his sleep, just like his daddy! I will say that thankfully my son is actually a pretty "clean" potty-goer, our toilet-training 3 year-old daughter is WAY messier somehow... she doesn't sit on the toilet all the way or something... I dunno.

  5. talking about poop is definitely in Oakland's vocabulary! Haha- and I am always checking the toilet seat!

  6. I love this! My oldest who is seven still does all these things!
    Have great week,

  7. Seriously. Boys are so so sweet. Carson is way sweeter than Finley. Lol

    Also - I'm totally dreading potty training a boy.

  8. Oh the legos...I feel your pain (literally!) I think we have about 5 different sets and they keep getting smaller with each passing year!

  9. I know you're talking about a boy, but a lot of what you're describing describes my daughter lol. The only volume being loud, talking 24/7, pushing your buttons, and the poop and toot lol

  10. I'm literally laughing because it's all so true! The pee and the toilet seat - oy! I've been THISCLOSE to falling into the toilet so many nights (no lights, half asleep) because our resident 3-year old doesn't always put the seat down.
    And my purse is totally a backpack. I don't remember the last time it was crumb, car, and fruit snack free.
    But, I couldn't imagine it any other way!

  11. Lolololol I'm Lolololing so much.
    What kind of hair is on my eyebrows.???
    What a hoot!!

    I have a girlfriend who's son is freakin adorable and he wears little scarves and beanie hats and cool sun glasses. - he's 3 )

    1. While I spent 27 minutes chasing a naked baby (wiener dragging all over the floor! Hahah) around the living room because he wouldn't sit still for 2 minutes to get a diaper on!

      My girlfriends son is just the odd boy exception! I tell her all the time! Hehehe

  12. Wonderful post! Some of those qualities sounded like my daughter though. She is a bi on the tomboy side and something fierce. I love her so much though. Kids keep us young, don't they!? Thanks for writing such a wonderful post!

  13. This was too funny to read! He keeps life exciting, right?!

  14. LOL oh my gosh!!! play like a redneck. Amazing!!!
    And YES! All of these are so true! While they haven't all happened to me yet, I sure know what's coming in the future!

  15. Adorable! And YES to everything on that list!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!