{A letter to my sweet boy on his 5th birthday}

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Oh my sweet boy! Where in the world do I even begin? I guess Happy Fifth Birthday would be appropriate, but I have so much more to say than that. I just pray that I can find the words. If only you could see my heart then maybe you would understand. You made me a Mama and are more than I could have ever imagined. God is so good. My love for you is deeper than anything I have ever felt before and it makes me so, so weepy. Being your Mama is the biggest blessing I have ever received and I thank God each and every day for bringing you into my life. You have such a sweet and tender little spirit and you love so big. I am so happy to be on the receiving end of that love. You are so full of life and spunk and make any room you are in a happier one. You brighten the darkest days and make my heart smile from the inside out.  Your most favorite thing in the world is to make people laugh and that you do. Constantly. Suffice it to say, you are the class clown. And while it may get you in trouble at times, I love that you love to make people laugh and smile.  Speaking of laughing & smiling...you have the most infectious little laugh and smile. You and I have this thing where we can just look at each other and start smiling and then the smiling turns into laughter. I love that. Mason, you are so kind and your manners are always on point. There are times that Daddy and I will hear you off playing and even your super-heroes have manners. We can't help but smile. You love Jesus and love to learn about Him. That makes this Mama's heart happy! Mason, you are one of the smartest kids I have ever met. Almost too smart for your own good. Daddy and I can't sneak anything by you anymore and now we can't even spell things out. You've just graduated Pre-K and will be starting Kindergarten in August. While I am not 100% okay with that I can't wait to see what the future holds and to watch you thrive! You're losing every last ounce of "baby" and are such a big boy these days. But, you know what makes me feel better? The truth in the fact that you tell me you will always be my baby...even when you're 18! Please always tell me that. It gets me by. 

I have to stop here because I can barely see the screen with my tear-filled eyes. So HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY my sweet little guy. I love you to Heaven and back a million times over. I hope that you have the most amazing birthday celebration in Disney!! 


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  1. Such a sweet and beautiful letter!!! I have tears in my eyes as I read this. I hope you guys are having a wonderful vacation and have the best time celebrating Mason's birthday today!

  2. This definitely made my eyes watery! Such a sweet letter, expressing all that mama love so perfectly. Mason will love looking back on this when he's 18 and still your baby :) I love that he says that to you. I hope Ez feels the same way.


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