{Weekend Wrap-up // Six Flags, Antique Alley and Bluebonnet Festival}

Happy Monday!! Man, the weekend flewwwww by too quick. And I really stunk at taking pictures this weekend, too. Ugh! Even though I don't have the pictures, we had a pretty fabulous weekend.

Friday was our annual school district night out at Six Flags. The park is only open to the employees and their families for this night. Last year {here} we had a blast! We could basically walk up to any ride and had no wait/line. This year we rode 3 rides and a typhoon came! They shut down all but like 4 things {Runaway Mountain which is indoors, the train, antique cars and the carousel}. We hopped on the train and rode it for a couple of round trips all the while getting soaked by the storm! We still enjoyed it, but would have loved to be able to do more. Good thing we have Disney in like 34 days or something like that!!

 photo HallAroundTexas - Six Flags 1_zpsorxfmq3d.jpg
 photo HallAroundTexas - Six Flags_zpsateicxu0.jpg

Saturday morning Nate woke up early to help his dad with a few things & hit the gym while Mason and I got ready for the day. We went with his brother and girlfriend and her cousin to Antique Alley and the Bluebonnet Festival. And guess what? I forgot my dang camera. I was so disappointed! Antique Alley was good, but super crowded. We only went to 2 of the 3 towns and were ready to call it quits! But not before I snagged a wooden sign {in turquoise} that says "In the morning when I rise give me Jesus" and also a feed sack that says "Sweet Tea & Jesus". LOVE!!! 

 photo HallAroundTexas - Antique Alley_zpse17jrq56.jpg

Next was the Bluebonnet festival in Ennis. They had bouncehouses, a petting zoo, games, vendors selling all kinds of things, and food, etc. It was neat to walk around and check it all out! After the festival we drove the bluebonnet trail again! I just love taking the back country roads. That evening we had supper & snowcones with some sweet friends.

 photo HallAroundTexas - Bluebonnet Trail_zps1nnifrhz.jpg

Sunday we were able to meet up with our best friends, the Browers! And got to meet their newest addition to the family! He is as sweet as can be!! We had a nice lunch and hung out and talked for a bit. 

 photo HallAroundTexas - BrowerPower_zpskrdzx2vt.jpg

How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun weekend! I hope to take bluebonnet pics! We'll see. haha

  2. looks like a great weekend! those fields of flowers are to die for! ♥

  3. awww looks like you guys had a fun busy weekend.

  4. Sorry it rained on you guys, that's a bummer! But it's good you made the best of a bad situation. :) I grew up in southern California, so we had Six Flags Magic Mountain, but I'm bummed we never made it to Six Flags when we lived in Texas.

  5. What a fun weekend! We used to have Six Flags in Houston but it shut down years ago. :/ It rained like cats and dogs over here, but it was nice to relax at my parent's house :) LOVE the bluebonnet pics!

  6. Looks like you all had a fun weekend! Disney in 34 days..YAY!! I love Disney! We are going on a Disney cruise this Christmas. We are looking forward to it.

  7. Bummer that it rained. I hate when that happens. Texas and Bluebonnets you are the second Texas blogger I know who has posted pictures. What a great tradition.

    Happy Monday!

  8. Even with the rain Six Flags without any lines sounds epic!
    The antiquing and blue bonnets sound like perfection. Those photos in the fields of flowers are awesome.

  9. Six Flags without lines?? Sign me up! How awesome that they do that for you guys! Is it you or your husband that works for the school district? Or is it because Mason goes to the school? Either way... super awesome perks!

  10. sounds like a great weekend! Yay for a park with no lines!!! that's amazing! And even without your fancy camera you got some beautiful photos again!

  11. Antique alley is so much fun!! I went a few years ago and holy smoke- my truck was filled to the brim and I had to buy some more bungee cords. lol
    I love the bluebonnets!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!