{Weekend Wrap-up // Texas Antique Fair in Round Top & Warrenton}

Happy Monday!!

What an awesome weekend we had!! We left Thursday afternoon for Texas Antique Fair in Round Top/Warrenton, TX. Another item checked off our Texas Bucketlist! It was amazing and Nate and I both agreed that we liked it more than Canton. We are hoping to go back in October! 

Friday morning we woke up and left around 9 for a day full of shopping. We were with a large group (14) which is kind of hard at a place like this. Everyone moves at different paces and wants to see different things. We shopped for a few hours and didn't even put a dent in the miles and miles of stuff! Mason found all kinds of treasures, but Nate and I didn't buy much! It was more about the experience for us this time, I guess. 

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After lunch we headed over to Junk Gypsy to check it out! AMAZING!!!! Love that place and could have spent hours there. While out on the lawn we spotted Korie & Rebecca Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Mason was so excited and just had to meet them. He went up to Korie and introduced himself. She asked him if he watched Duck Dynasty and he said Yes ma'am and then she asked his favorite and he told her Willie! She gave him a high five. I didn't even think to take pictures and now I am bummed. When we were leaving we spotted Marcus Luttrell {Lone Survivor} and Willie Robertson out by a bbq pit. So we mosied on over to meet them! They were super nice!! It was one of the highlights of our trip!! 

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We celebrated Easter with Nate's family in the camper on Saturday before we left. The Easter Bunny {Nana & Uncle Ty} drew a treasure map and Mason had to follow it in order to find his Easter treasure!! He had a blast doing that and was so excited to find a huge treasure box waiting for him!

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We spent Easter Sunday at home and then with my family! If I am being honest, I totally slacked at Easter this year. I blame it on going out of town! I packed Mason a 'travel bag' that could have easily been his Easter basket and then planned on picking up a few things at Round Top. But that didn't happen. So Saturday evening I was at Walmart & Target with the rest of the world looking for things for his Easter basket! Ugh!! I got him a cute outfit {for Disney}, a book, 3 or 4 different lego people, peeps, ring pops, a ninja turtle egg full of stickers and candy, and a few other small things.

At lunch time we went to my parents to celebrate with them. It was too wet and muddy so we had to have our egg hunting festivities inside. The boys didn't mind, though! They even cracked confetti eggs all over each other and had a blast! 

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How was your weekend and your Easter?

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  1. What a fabulous weekend! How awesome that you got to meet those guys! I bet Mason was over the moon!

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  3. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! That shop looks like so much fun! I can't imagine meeting some of the Robertson's and Marcus Luttrell!

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! That shop looks like so much fun! I can't imagine meeting some of the Robertson's and Marcus Luttrell!

  5. Looks like so much fun! I love the treasure map idea.

  6. What a great Easter weekend! Love the idea of a treasure hunt, complete with a treasure chest - so creative! And how cool that you guys got to meet the Duck Dynasty fam. Love that show :)

  7. How fun! I SO wished we would've made it all the way to Junk Gypsy. What a blast! And your Easter sounds so fun: I bet he loved the treasure hunt!

  8. How fun! I know lots of people were there this weekend. I have never been, but your pictures make me want to go!

  9. Your antiquing trip looks AWESOME!!! Though I wouldn't even know where to begin, it would seriously be a little piece of heaven. So lucky you got to go! And even more awesome that you met Korie and Willie!

    Easter sounds like it was awesome for Mason, and that treasure hunt and treasure box are awesome!

  10. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I'd love to go to an antique fair, looks amazing! Ya' know, I've never watched Duck Dynasty but we live about an hour from Monroe. My brother and dad love their show! Glad y'all had a great Easter!

  11. Sounds like you guys had an amazing trip! I love that Mason totally was not shy at all and just walked up and introduced himself. And how awesome that they were so nice. Some famous people totally aren't, but nobody can say no to that cutie!
    Also I'm loving your pictures of the places you went! Sometimes the best pictures are the details so I'm loving that chandelier!

  12. That treasure box is awesome! How creative! I loved seeing your posts all weekend of your trip. Pretty amazing you got to meet Marcus Luttrell.

  13. That sounds like so much fun, and that place you went looks amazing. I love going to places like that, but truthfully, with three little kids it just isn't much fun. :)
    We had a fun Easter as well and also almost had to have an indoor hunt, but the rain held off just long enough for us to have it outside!

  14. What a cool day! I'm seriously loving that pink truck - I would rock that for sure!!

  15. I would love to visit! I need to add this to my Texas bucket list. I need to start one.

    Easter was fine. Low key but I think that was what was needed.

    Boba + Pearls

  16. I still can't get over your pictures with Willie! We watch Duck Dynasty as well. :) I love how you always take so many pictures and love seeing all the fun little details of your life as usual! :) :) :)


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