{Our love story // Part 2}

part one // here

Nathan and I continued to date all throughout High School. We were pretty much tied at the hip. In school we were no longer just Nathan or just Crystal ...we were Nathan & Crystal. Nathan came to all of my cheerleading events and I proudly wore my "baseball babe" shirt with Nate's name and jersey number on it to every one of his games. We got in trouble for kissing in the halls more times than I can count. We spent every waking moment together and when we were apart were sure to be on the phone together, or paging each other with a "143" {remember that? 143 meaning I love you}. I don't even know how many times we fell asleep on the phone. Crazy.in.love.

From then on it was typical high school stuff; banquets, homecomings, proms, tournaments, Friday night lights, etc.  And somehow after a year or so I talked my daddy into letting me go on camping trips and vacations with the Hall family. They were all the time going somewhere and doing something and Nathan and I hated being apart. We were good kids and our parents trusted us! We slept in separate beds in the camper with the whole family. 

We made it through our High School years even with me graduating a year before him. It was hard, but we did it. After HS we went to the same college and even worked for the same company. Still inseparable. People thought it would harm us spending so much time together, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We just enjoy each other's company that much. 

Nathan and I weren't ones to go out to bars or anything. We never really got into that during our college years like most of our friends. I mean, we loved to go sit on a patio and listen to live music, but never were bar hoppers. But one night we were invited to a birthday party that ended up at a bar and Nate is almost positive that's where everything went down. 

Nathan got sick {really sick} with bacterial meningitis and our lives were turned upside down...

...to be continued


  1. I love your love story! Can't wait for 3!

  2. I am just amazed at how long y'all have been together! You guys are so adorable, but now I find myself nervous about what's gong to happen next, even though I know that obviously eventually everything turned out okay, but still...

  3. Awww...come on...you're leaving us hanging like that? Evil! :)

    Seriously, though, your story is fantastic and I haven't heard many of the ones that start in HS staying together for the long term. How wonderful! The two of you look like you belong together in all your pictures!

    Now I can't wait for the next part! Don't make us wait too long!

  4. You've sucked us in! It's like a TV series now ;)

    PS - love all the pics! So sweet you can show all those to your kids.

  5. I remember paging also! It's fun to go down memory lane with you. Looking forward to Part 3.

    Visiting from The Blog Love Project on Facebook.

  6. Y'all are TOO cute and I love seeing the throwback GPHS photos. And I was a Baseball Babe too, for three years! But like the comments above... I'm sucked in! Hurry and write the next post! :)

  7. Can't wait to read more... LOVE the throwback photos!

  8. Love this story! You two are just the sweetest. Such baby faces. ;)

  9. Haha love the cliffhanger :) Love that you two have been together for forever - a love like that is so rare to find in this day and age...it's great to know it still exists. You guys are too cute for words!

  10. Omgosh I missed part one last week while I was on vacation and now you have me hooked!!! This is like reading a Nicholas Sparks novel!
    Heading back here tomorrow to read part one and anxiously awaiting part 3!!

    I love old pics, there's just something about seeing real photos, makes me feel all lovey dovey just looking at you two! :)

  11. To be continued.... UGH!

    And crazy too. I also had bacterial meningitis. I ended up getting it on my 12th birthday and it should have killed me it was in my systems so long. After a helicopter flight to a bigger hospital I am a fighter who survived. I can't wait to here about Nate's story.

  12. Loved reading your story. Adorable pictures! :)
    —DT | Here I Scribble

  13. AAAAHHHH!! Love this so much! Our stories are so similar...except for the cliffhanger! I'm so nervous! ;)

  14. Well shoot - I hope you're not getting my response a bunch of times! Sorry, Crystal! This thing is acting funny!

    1. Alright. I see it's only posting my "crazy" comment. ha! I've been trying to tell you how much I love this series and while I'm nervous to read this next part, I'm glad I know the ending of this story (the two of you together!) :) xo

  15. Your story is so sweet. 143 - haha! I totally forgot about that.
    But this cliff hanger business is killing me.

  16. y'all are so cute! thanks for sharing this sweet story!!

  17. I love Nina's comment! This is totally like a drama mini series where you can't wait to find out what happens next. Lucky for me, I am behind and can read part 3 tonight!
    And 143 - TOTALLY remember that! Ahh the pager days...

  18. Goodness I enjoy readin' these. Off to see the next part.


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