{He said what?! // Things my four year old says}

One of my favorite things has always been reading about things that kids say! They're so darn funny, almost never have a filter, and have a pretty neat perspective about things. I try to document everything Mason says, but it's hard because he's so dang witty. He's constantly saying or doing something that makes us laugh. Every time I ask Nate to remind me what Mason had said that day his response is always, "which time?" We can't keep up! Oh and when his teacher says "you're not gonna believe what Mason said today" I get a little nervous. You just never know with this kid. Seriously.

Oh how I love being his Mama.

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>>> Look Mama, it's your favorite Chip & Jayyonna Gaines {Chip and JoAnna from Fixer Upper}

>>> Mom next time you go to the barber shop can you get your hair long instead of short?

>>> Mason wanted to play restaurant so he started making me some food. He looks at me and says.... Guess you're gonna have to go through the drive thru since you're still in your pajamas!!

>>> Me: I love you to the moon
Mase: but it's day time 
Me: yeah but there is no sun out
Mase: or moon. Mom can we just start saying I love you to Heaven? Because Heaven is always there.

>>> Welcome to YOO NORK YOO NORK {singing}

>>> Mase: Mama the devil is trying to make me say bad words
Me: Oh yeah? What is he trying to make you say? {side note - bad words to him are words like stupid, shut up, etc.}
Mase: Oh no, I'm not saying it...I am interrupting him!!!!

>>> When I get bigger I'm going to make an invention...a robot that wipes my bottom so I don't have to

>>> Mom, I may have a wallet and my own phone, but I am still your little kid. 

>>> Whoa Mom, you're skinnier. {yelling and I mean yelling when I picked him up in the child area after Zumba one day}

>>> Me: Mason how did you get to be almost FIVE years old? Weren't you just my tiny little baby?
Mase: Well, I just live fast Mom. 

>>> Mom do you think the Ninja Turtles will ever leave New York City and come to Waxahachie?

>>> Mason had called me "mom"...
Me: Mason why do you call me mom now instead of Mommy?
Mase: Mommy is for 1's, 2's and 3 year olds. Not for 4 year olds.

>>> Mom I love you all the way to outer space and back to earff. I love you 16. No wait more than that. I love you 116.

>>> Nate: Mason when are you going to start eating healthy like Mama and Daddy?
Mason: {without hesitation} When I'm 18.

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  1. he's so cute! This would go great with the Mamas Tell All linkup this week! "kids say the darndest things" is the topic!! :)
    but seriously, I laughed through this whole post!

  2. awww! so cute and funny! you'll loves these posts when he's older.
    xo, claudia

  3. Aww, so much cute stuff! Loving you to heaven is just the sweetest thing. And apparently that was one effective Zumba class! Insta-results ;)

  4. The pajama drive-thru comment! Im dying! Thanks for linking up to Mamas Tell All!

  5. Haha, how cute! Yea, my kids will definitely be making me go through the drive-thru, haha! Love you to heaven...so sweet!

  6. Love these, I always say I need to write this stuff down, but always forget 2 seconds later what my kid said. But the Mom thing KILLS me. He started calling me mom and I tried to get him to go back to mommy, but nope. Then his littl
    e sister came into the picture and now it's Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, I sort of love it.

  7. AWW the love you to heaven is so adorable!! Thanks for linking up with the Meet & Greet yesterday!

  8. Oh my, how I love that little kid! We need to move close together so our kids can get married one day and we can be in laws friend! Haha! He is too sweet!

  9. What a babe! Awes... heaven is always there <3 <3

  10. HA! He's such a sharp kid! Love YOO NORK and how he wants the Ninja Turtles to come to Waxahachie! Hahahahaha

  11. What a cuties! I love these type of posts because really kids say the sweetest and craziest things! I think the "I live fast" might be my favorite but they're all so cute!

  12. these are by far one of my favorite posts to read! Kids are amazing! haha thanks for linkup up with us on Tuesday!

  13. Love these! My son says the funniest stuff too. What a blessing children are to us in SO many ways!

  14. From the mouth of babes - I love it! The stuff that kids come up with is just the greatest.
    But, seriously "Because Heaven is always there." Heart melted!

  15. The devil tries to make me say bad words to Mason. #thestruggleisreal. I just LOVE these posts. He is such a funny guy.

  16. OMG sooo cute!!! Marli is only 2 and she started calling me "mom" sometimes and it just breaks my heart...and then I correct her and say "say mommmmyyyy" hahaha They sure want to grow up fast...


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