{Texas Gallery Wall Art DIY}

Yesterday I was reading Beth's blog about her gallery wall and she inspired me to start working on some pieces for ours. I love how she had her state framed and on her wall and knew that I had to have a Texas for ours!! So I gathered the supplies and got to work! 

Supplies - 
Frame - already had. It's a 10 x 10 from Hobby Lobby
Chalk paint in color "Lake" - Target {similar}
Background - you could use scrapbook paper, but I used drawer liner from the dollar section at Target. It was adhesive and worked perfectly
Texas print - made using picmonkey

 photo 5_zps3uyr9iw4.jpg

First I painted the frame with the chalk paint so that it could be drying while I worked on the rest of the project. Did you know that Target has chalk paint now? I was so happy when I stumbled upon it yesterday! I live in a tiny town and when I ask places if they carry chalk paint they either look at me like I am crazy or they take me to chalkboard paint. ha! Anyhow, Target has it now. And it's on a fabulous aisle full of wood letters, burlap everything, painted mason jars, etc. I could have bought everything on that aisle!!

While the paint was drying on the frame I started working on the Texas print. I downloaded the font called Stateface and used the letter q to make a Texas. I used Picmonkey to make it the color and size that I wanted and saved to my computer. Then I just printed it out on cardstock and cut it out.

For the background I used drawer liner adhesive paper that I found in the Target dollar section. It worked perfect! I took the back of the frame out and used it to determine how much of the adhesive paper to cut out. Then I just took the backing off the adhesive paper and laid it down flat, pressed the back of the frame to it and then trimmed around the edges. Then I glued my Texas to that. I ended up using a red Texas to go with the theme of our house.

 photo 6_zpsyghn6e9e.jpg

I will have to re-do this one because my Texas is not centered and it bothers me. I realized I was going to be late to Zumba so I started rushing! 

Do you have a state art in your gallery wall? Do you have a gallery wall? Leave your link, I'd love to see yours if you have one.

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  1. Love this! I want a gallery wall so bad, but it never seems to work out...one day. You can be my inspiration.

  2. How cute! I am very curious to try my hand with chalk paint.

  3. This is adorable! I would love to try this! But PA is such a big, boring, square state! Maybe it will turn out okay though!

  4. WOW it looks awesome! And that does sound pretty easy! I like the idea of a state on a gallery wall. I need to get our pictures up. We hung our "art" but not any photos yet and it makes me sad! A MI mitten would fit right in :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think it looks great! I love the frame color. I need to do this!

  6. That's so cute. I want to do something like this for my apartment but with NY state of course although I'm in WI but NY is where I'm from.

  7. L.O.V.E. this!!
    I read Beth's post yesterday and it has pushed me to start a gallery wall, too. I just need to find the motivation and time to get it started. There are so many ideas swirling around in my head, and I'm almost overwhelmed with where to start. But, a 'state' picture I could totally swing, and would be an awesome place to start!

  8. So cute! Anything TX shaped is a-okay in my book.

  9. Aaaahhhh!!!! Yay! Thank you so much for the shout out. That looks so good. You my friend are going to have a rockin gallery wall before you know it. I love the colors you chose too.

  10. Ooooooh It looks so so pretty!!!! I love it!! I recently purchased one, I know I'm a sucker I totally could've made one but I've had a lot on the go hahaha
    Now I have to ask, what's the difference between chalk paint and chalk board paint!? I'm stumped lol

  11. This is too cute, and now I finally know what that paint was for! Lol. We have never done a gallery wall, but now I have plenty of room for one, and am thinking I want to do one. Lol

  12. I love this! I'd definitely do a California one for our wall.

  13. You made that Texas print with the heart on Pic Monkey??? How ?!?! I want a CA one!
    LOVE this!


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