{Five on Friday // Opening Day, Laughter, and other things}

Happy finally Friday!!! I'm not here today...because...

{O N E} 

IT'S O P E N I N G D A Y!!!! I love our tradition of going to opening day!! Hello spring, hello baseball and hopefully #hellowincolumn #gorangers

I wrote this last year on opening day...and man is it true! I just love being at the Ballpark!

There's just something unexplainable about tailgating from the parking lot looking at Ranger stadium and the anticipation of going in! And then once you're in there...oh man the atmosphere is unbeatable! The smell of ballpark food, the sound of the baseball hitting off the bat or into a glove, the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to find their seats, the plethora of red and blue shirts, the hootin' and hollerin, the rolling out of the American and Texas Flags, the National Anthem, the fly over, the game, God Bless America during the 7th inning, the fireworks that go off after a homerun, the dot race...I just love it.

 photo Opening Day 2 - Rangers_zpskqxhjnt9.jpg
 photo Opening Day_zpsdouyspwq.jpg

{T W O}

Is there anything greater than a child's laughter?  I think not! This picture makes my heart swell and makes me so darn happy! Little boys are good for the soul. God knew what he was doing when he made me a boy mama. 

 photo IMG_2634_zpsit94y9eb.jpg

{T H R E E}

It's no secret around here that Nathan and I are big time fans of the show Fixer Upper and Chip & JoAnna Gaines. I found this video while scrolling through FB the other day and highly recommend it. Makes me love them anymore. Love her testimony. Link here

{F O U R}

I have a love/hate relationship with the app TimeHop. I love to see old pictures over the years...but it's also so bittersweet. It reminds me just how much of a baby Mason isn't anymore!! He's growing too fast. At least I have these sweet pictures, right?
 photo mason birth_zpsgci896sb.jpg
This was actually almost FIVE years ago. 
 photo Timehop1_zpsxitjlcdu.jpg

{F I V E}

In case you missed it...

On Monday I posted about our weekend at Texas Antique Fair in Round Top & Warrenton TX and how we met some famous people, including an American Hero {here}

Wednesday I linked up with Emily @ Ember Grey for A Grateful Heart {here}

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PS - 

31 days until Kindergarten Round-up/Registration {wahhhh}
42 days until PreK graduation {wahhhhhhhhhhh}
44 days until Disney {yeah!!!!!!}
45 days until Mason is FIVE!!!! {wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh}

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  1. WOW! So many exciting/scary things coming up! I can't wait to take our kiddos to Disney; five is definitely a perfect age! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Opening day (technical first game at the stadium opening day) was yesterday for the Angels as well and Seth and I are going tonight as our April date! Woohoo! Hope you guys had fun and hope the Rangers won!

  3. SO JEALOUS YOU GOT TO GO TO OPENING DAY! We watched from home: I bet it was so magnificent! We are going to the game May 1st, cannottttt WAIT!

  4. Oh those baby mason pictures are just so adorable!!! Opening day - hope you guys had fun celebrating! I like baseball I just never seem to "get into" it enough to really follow it. Too many games I guess! But baseball means spring and that means warm weather so yay opening day!! :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!