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Two posts in one day? I know! I just saw this link-up {that actually went up yesterday} and wanted to join in. I love the theme and loved reading the other posts that linked up.

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From the very beginning of my pregnancy I just knew the baby was a boy. Nathan was convinced it was a girl. We've had our girls name picked out for over 10 years now, but never had the name if it was a boy! Which is funny since I knew it was a boy all along. 

Nathan and I both loved the name "Lane" but agreed that it would be a middle name. Lane comes from the bull-rider Lane Frost. One day {shortly after we found out Mason was a boy - 12/09} we were in the nursery and Nate said what about Mason? I quickly shouted "Mason Lane" that's it. That's our baby's name! There was no looking back. We were in love with it. 

It was a name that wasn't already being used in my HUGE family, wasn't very popular {at the time - thanks Kardashian for ruining that! ha}, and just seemed perfect for our little guy.

So, where did Mason come from? It could have been that Nate was going through his apprenticeship to become a Free Mason at the time. He also coached a well-liked kid named Mason in baseball. 

I can't imagine calling him anything else. Mason Lane is just perfect for him. We always laugh because in the movie 8 seconds {movie made after Lane Frost} they are always saying "waitin' on Lane" and now we find ourselves always waiting on our Lane, too! 

How did you come up with your child's name?

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  1. I am totally obsessed with names (which sounds weird, I know) but I love learning more about how people came up with names for their kids! I love the name you chose - perfect!

  2. That picture is so stinking cute! Love how names come about!

  3. To be honest, I don't have any exciting story about how we came up with Mason's name. I just loved it from the beginning. Seth thought I liked it because of the Kardashian's but I don't even like them and I said no. Now Mason is super popular but luckily we haven't really come across too many that we personally know (the like at the park or a restaurant). Seth loved Noah so I let him pick the middle name :) Mason Noah!


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