{Catching up // Strep throat}

Goodness gracious! It's been a hot minute since I've blogged. There really aren't enough hours in the day. Except for when you're sick...and that we have been! Ugh. 

Friday day I was able to have lunch with my boys! We went to Dairy Queen and had so much fun. I was texting in a huge group text with my Mama and all her sisters, a couple of cousins, and a Great Aunt and everyone was sending selfies back and forth...so Mason wanted to send his pics...and Nate didn't have a choice. ha

After lunch we went back home so that I could finish up with work. The boys played outside for a while. Then Nate comes in and tells me that Mason is playing in the water at Nanas so we trekked over there.

Friday night Mason and I both started feeling ill. We were able to get Mason into the doctor on Saturday and he tested positive for strep. Boo! I had a feeling by the way he was talking, low grade fever and the fact that he didn't sleep well. She prescribed him an antibiotic. I started feeling so bad on the way home that I had to lay my seat back and cover my face. I stayed in bed the remainder of the day! Mason came in and cuddled up with me around 4:45 and he slept until 9:45pm. He woke up, took his medicine, changed into PJs and then had Nate make him a couple of meals all of which he took like one bite off. Everything sounded good in theory but his little throat just couldn't handle it. He finally winded down and went back to sleep at 12:45am and slept until 11:45am the next day. And that was only because we woke him. Sunday we both woke up feeling really good so we went to visit my inlaws (that live right behind us). I made it a couple of hours then started feeling horrible. I laid down for most of the evening.

I'm feeling a little better today!  #thankGodforantibiotics So I've been trying to catch up on my neglected house. What a chore. So close to calling a maid. Kidding. Maybe.

Well, that's us in a nutshell. 

What's been going on with you?


  1. Aw, hope you ALL feel better! Being sick really is the worst!

  2. Ugh, sounds awful! Hope you guys feel better soon!

  3. Strep is the worst! Sorry yall got sick. Good thing you're feeling better though. I'm always in the mood for Dairy Queen! Todd and I went Saturday night to take a break from packing. So good.

  4. First - and Nate didn't have a choice..hahaha, love it. Husbands just need to humor us =)

    Second - a big ol boo. Being a sick mom is just the worst, esp a sick mom with a sick kid. Is Mason already back to his self, and yours is just lingering?

  5. That's what I was at the dr office for this morning Maci has step and last Friday Mauri tested positive for strep uhhh
    Hope he gets better soon

  6. We have that same sprinkler & my kids LOVE IT!!!

    Sorry to hear you all have been sick. Hope you both are well very soon!

  7. He is the cutest little turkey! Zack and I were getting a kick out of his mustache picture on facebook the other night! :) Have a great day friend!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!