{It's a Texas thing y'all // Bluebonnets in the spring}


It's that time of year. The time when it's totally acceptable for cars to park all up and down the highway so that people can get out and take pictures in the Bluebonnets. We didn't brave the highway, but instead opted for a field next to a church in a town next door.

The fact that Mason even posed for a picture was worth documenting on the blog! He usually hides from my camera. He wanted so bad to pick a bluebonnet but we compromised with one of these red flowers instead. What is it with kids and picking flowers? 

Oh also, the next picture cracks me up because I caught Mason midsneeze. You know it's Springtime in Texas when...

 Any weird quirks native to where you live?


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! I'd totally be one of those cars pulling over to take pictures!

  2. This is absolutely a Texas thing! My parents and I drove down to Ennis a few weekends ago and had a wonderful time on their bluebonnet trail! Love this time of year!

  3. AHH, I'm so jealous! I would LOVE to get photos in a bluebonnet field! Seriously, I am always envious when I see everyone's bluebonnet photos! I didn't realize it was a Texas thing, apparently I need to move there. ;) Gorgeous!!

  4. Ahh, I need some bluebonnet pictures for this year! Love these of Mason!

  5. Gorgeous field and beautiful boy!! (at what age does it become unacceptable to call little boys beautiful?? lol)
    We pulled off a couple of weekends ago to get some pictures of Cora in some bluebonnets, after sending the pictures to family a gullible Aunt sent a warning to watch out for the Bluebonnet Rattlesnake... as in a blue snake. We just smiled and nodded.


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