{Texas Rangers Opening Day - 2014}

Ohmygoodness it's freakin' baseball season! Off-season is just entirely too long if you ask me. Do you know how long I've waited to post the words #hellowincolumn on Facebook {even though I didn't get to do that on Monday}? Too dang long!

Sunday night I couldn't sleep for nothing. I was so ready to be there! There's just something unexplainable about tailgating from the parking lot looking at Ranger stadium and the anticipation of going in! And then once you're in there...oh man the atmosphere is unbeatable! The smell of ballpark food, the sound of the baseball hitting off the bat or into a glove, the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to find their seats, the plethora of red and blue shirts, the hootin' and hollerin, the rolling out of the American and Texas Flags, the National Anthem, the fly over, the game, God Bless America during the 7th inning, the fireworks that go off after a homerun, the dot race...I just love it.

Monday was no exception!

We got to the parking lot a little before 10, found our group and began our day. When we first got there it was so cold and windy. We were freezing. Nathan, his brother and our soon to be sister in law, and a friend of Nate's from work and I all stayed in a little circle trying to stay warm. The sun would peek through the clouds and the wind would die down every once in a while giving us hope for warmth. The Deep Eddy vodka tent was there in the parking lot near us again so we walked down there. Last year they gave away cute red & blue sunglasses and don't forget the free booze but Kelli and I went down there too late and didn't get any sunglasses. So we went early this time! We got some cute blue ones. Kelli and I got the sweet tea vodka {with a splash of lemonade} and I made Nate get the Cranberry one to give to me! Both were delicious! I'm not sure if it was the vodka or what but it started to warm up after that!

We headed to the ballpark about 5 minutes before noon. Last year we were walking up right as the National Anthem was starting so we wanted to go a little earlier this time to get food and drinks and get settled before all of the festivities began. We sat in section 308 near the top...but I'm convinced there isn't a bad seat in the house. Nate gets the tickets through a group at work and that's the area they always get. As soon as everything started Nathan, Chase and I all had chills. 

The game was long, but good. The Rangers ended up losing 10-14 to the Phillies. Boo! But hey, we've come back and beat them the last 2 games. We didn't take Mason because it's such a long day! We are thinking that next year he'd be able to handle it! Can't wait.

How was your Monday? Anyone else a baseball nut like me?


  1. I love opening day! Go Cardinals (sorry, I had to do it)!!

  2. Ya'll are so damn cute! :) I should of told ya'll to come tailgate with us, glad ya'll had fun though!

    Go Rangers! :)

  3. Great photos! What kind of camera do you have?

  4. Oh my gosh, you are SO CUTE! We would totally be best friends in real life :) This sounds like the BEST day! We are itching to go to another ball game! Where would the world be without baseball? ;)

  5. What a fun day!! Even if the Rangers lost. Boo!

  6. I love, love, love baseball and especially the Rangers! This post deserves an Amen!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!