{Blast Ball pictures with a silly face}

I posted this on Instagram...but wanted to get it here too! 

This past Saturday was one of those 'choose your battles' kind of days. Mason didn't want to get dressed much less go to his Blast Ball game. And, he had pictures before. I was trying everything to get him ready. Finally I remembered his silly glasses and cape!!! Bingo! I told him that he should wear that over his Blast Ball uniform and that his friends wouldn't know who he was! He was all over that!!! 

On the way to the fields I told him that he couldn't wear them in his pictures and he was okay with it. However, we get there all of the photographers and workers from the photography placed LOVED it! They were laughing and commenting on how awesome it was. It made Mason only want to wear it even more! 

It came time for pictures and I was about to take Mason's cape off when the owner of the photography place stopped me. He said, "Can we please take pictures of him like this before you take it off?" Oh my goodness! hahaha

And they did...and he ate it up! Such a ham.

This will be a picture day we never forget!!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!