{It's the little things - week 10 - Mason's school}

Happy Wednesday! Linking up with Jess and Ashley for It's the Little Things. I just love this linkup. Every week it makes me stop and just appreciate the little things in life. Its amazing how something so little can have such a big impact on your life!!

This week I wanted to talk about Mason's school. First of all, we feel so blessed to be a part of Fire House Kids. We are reminded daily how great the place is and that we made the right choice by moving Mason there.

Yesterday was definitely one of those days of affirmation.

When I walked up to Mason's classroom and he saw me at the door he said, "aww man". And while this should totally break a Mama's heart...it didn't! It really made my heart happy. Crazy, right? I am just so happy that he likes his school and that he's okay with being there. That was definitely not the case at the other school. He would be waiting for me everyday and we couldn't get out of there fast enough! His teacher told me that Mason was a little sad because he had lost his little jeep he brought to school that day. Somewhere between the transition of lunch and nap time it got lost. His little heart was sad. His teacher told him that she would check with the nap time teacher in the morning and they would find it. He wanted to stay at school and wait on her. ha. Also, they were just about to get coloring pages out of fun coloring books and Mason wanted to stay for that. So his sweet teacher let him pick a page out of whatever coloring book he wanted and he got to bring it home with him. It cheered him up a tad, but he was still upset about his jeep.

When we got downstairs he had tears rolling down his cheeks. The two directors saw him and immediately started asking what was wrong with him. So he told him. And y'all...they put on a little search party to find his jeep! They didn't want him to be sad and all started looking for it. So sweet, right? We waited about 10 minutes or so while they assured Mason they would find it. Oh, and it wasn't any normal hotwheel...it was one of those micro-machine cars. The tiny ones. A tiny little jeep lost in the school. But, they found it. His teacher brought it to him and he was so excited. She gave him a big hug and kiss on his cheek. {that had him grinning for a long time. and he couldn't wait to tell his Daddy}

This meant so much to me! That they would go out of their way to help him find this little jeep! Mason's previous school was very anti-toys. They even had notes plastered on the doors and front desk to not bring toys from home. And, I guess we are rule breakers because Mason always took a toy. I mean...the kids are away from their parents for 8 or more hours a day and if bringing a little something from home makes them feel better....why not? That's my philosophy at least. Mason has lost toys at the previous school and their response/attitude was 'well, he shouldn't have brought a toy to school.' 

So yeah, it's something little but it meant a lot to me! Just another reason we love FHK.


  1. oh that makes my heart happy too! So glad you switched to this school, the other school sounds very unpleasant. Love hearing stories about educators going above and beyond. I knew so many as a child going through school. My kindergarten teacher is a friend on my fb even. I hope Aria will have just as loving and special teachers too.

  2. Adorable! Isn't it just such a great feeling knowing he's so happy to be at school and doesn't want to come home? Everyday my daughter has the hardest time leaving school and her friends. Makes me so happy she's loving it though!

  3. I am SO SO GLAD that Mason loves his school!! Liking your school is so important, no matter what age. A couple of years ago, I guess when my sister was in kindergarten, she started to forget things she learned in pre-k because her teachers weren't up to par. She was already in an accelerated program and gifted and talented, but her only GT assignment was to help another kid with her homework. When it came down to it, my dad and stepmom pulled her out of public school and she's homeschooled now. I was so worried about her losing socializing skills, but they keep her in other activities so it's been good. Long story, ha! But my point is, it's so good Mason likes his school!!

  4. You two are the sweetest and you are such a great mama!!!


  5. Awww, I am so happy that this school is working out so much better!!!

  6. Sounds like you all have found a wonderful school! When you have to walk away and trust others with your children, it's so important to fee confident in their abilities and passion. I'm betting you do with this group :)

  7. Awww! Little things like that are so important!! My biggest fear is him being in a place that doesn't have care or concern or make him feel comfortable, but we haven't had any issues with Will's in home provider or his new preschool. So glad they are so good to Mason!!


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