{It's the Little things - week 11 // Sweet neighbors that are like family}

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What a day yesterday was! I woke up not feeling great {thank you to Spring in TX - helllllllo allergies} so I decided not to take Mason to school. I had sinus pressure and a migraine that was making me nauseous and I didn't want to drive. It was my day to work 9-5 but something told me to get out of bed and start working at 8:00. It's a good thing I did because I had about 2 dozen emails already waiting on me! Work continued to be a nightmare and Mason was needy/fussy all day. Those two are not a good combination, let me tell you!! 

At 5:15 I was still working and Mason was begging to go outside. I still had a million things to do, but I decided that I could use some good ol' vitamin D. So we went outside! It was cold and windy...but there was sunshine! And after the stressful day I had....I needed it. Oh and Mason's little frog LeRoy that he's had since before Christmas died yesterday. I didn't have it in me to tell him, though. So, that's coming. Ugh! 

Nate got home and we went in to eat supper. After supper Nate noticed that our neighbors were outside so we went over there to visit. Mason and I were in our pajamas, too! But we didn't want to miss an opportunity to visit with them. During the colder months they do not come out as much and they've also been spending a lot of time working on their lakehouse that is about an hour away. I'm pretty sure we met them the first week that we moved into our house {7 years ago} and instantly became so close to them. We adopted them as another set of Grandparents!! When Mason came along he dubbed them as Papa Jim and MeMaw...all on his own! They got a huge kick out of it.

So, last night we visited with them outside for a while. They were working on their camper when we came over...but dropped that to visit with us. About 45 minutes into our visit we mosied on inside their house where MeMaw Nancy showed Mason and I picture albums of her Kids, Grandkids and Great Grandkids that live in Kentucky. With every page she turned and every story she told about the pictures you could see how much she loved and missed them. Her eyes just lit up! 

Papa Jim and Nathan ended up coming inside too. Papa Jim wanted to give Nathan a book he had read and thought he'd like it. He brought it out and read the first couple of pages to Nathan out loud. It was the cutest! He really enjoyed the book and couldn't wait to share it with Nathan. 

MeMaw Nancy went to her bedroom and came back with an envelope that said 'Mason Hall' on it. She had pictures of him from birth on up. She also had every birthday invitation and card we'd ever given them in that envelope. It was so heart-touching! 

MeMaw filled Mason's belly with milk and graham crackers and sent him home with two new books.

Visiting with them for that hour and a half was so.so.so. good for the soul. Especially after the day I had. It's funny how little things can turn around a bad day in an instant. 

Through our little visited I was reminded of so many little blessings. Family and fellowship are important. Cherish it.

When we left they sent us off with a "we really enjoyed visiting. please come over more often." And with that...I'd like to think it was good for their soul too.


  1. Sorry about the allergies! no fun

    Your neighbors sound amazing. I grew up with my neighbor as a second grandma, called her grandma letty. I have lots of good memories of visits to her house or her coming over for a chat with my grandma, lap sitting, and playing with her necklaces. We don't have neighbors like that now sadly, but it is so great to hear you have something special like that right next door for your family. Definitely good for the soul.

  2. This is amazing. I so wish that we had neighbors like that!!!

  3. This is the sweetest story! I absolutely love it!

  4. Aww you have precious neighbors and its so great yall can look after each other. I had a neighbor lady like that growing up named Dorothy. She came to our family events and we loved her. Very special!
    I've had a headache every day this week including today. No Bueno!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!