{Weekend Wrap-up - outside, projects, swimming, playing}

Happy Tuesday!!! We had such an awesome weekend. I need more weekends like this one in my life, for sure!! We spent the majority of the weekend outside just playing and having fun. If you know us, you know that we're always on the go. It's rare that we have a weekend at home. And when we do I realize how much I love and miss those rare weekends. 

Friday Nate didn't have to work overtime which meant that Mason got to stay home from school, too! I was a pretty slow day at work so I got to be outside with my boys almost all day. I stayed close to the house and left my screen door open so that I could hear my computer and phone. It was an awesome day! Nate cleaned out his shop and Mason played his little heart out. He was so filthy by the time we came in that day. 

That's a sure sign of a good time. 

Oh, Nate even made me a table out of a pallet. It came out great and I love it. Debating on painting it or not.

That evening Nathan and I had a date night with a friend of his from work. We met in downtown Ft Worth and ate at the Flying Saucer. It was really good...but so windy {we ate outside}. Then we headed to the comedy club. Which, to my surprise, was a lot of fun. They didn't single me out and pick on me, so that was a plus. ha! I really was worried about that. Nate's mom and dad kept Mason...he had to put on his cape and mask before going over there. 

A little background on the picture above...I had just given him a rt beer to drink and he was going to sit on the porch to drink it. I turned around to finish what I was doing and about 2 minutes later looked back at Mason and this is what I saw. I asked him why he spilled his drink on the ground and that it would bring ants. He says, "I didn't spill it Mama, I peed." I couldn't help but laugh! #lifewithboys

Saturday we majorly slept in. Nate woke up around 10, me 10:15 and Mason around 11:45! It was a fairly late night for all of us and we were exhausted. We went to lunch at one of our favorite Waxahachie Traditions, Oma's and then out to the lake to skip rocks. It was a beautiful day! We came back home and played outside a bit and then went to Nate's parents to see their landscaping they were working on. Then back to our house. Mason even swam for a bit. And by swam I mean his feet & ankles were in the water! ha. It was a really warm day, but the water was still cold. I put several buckets of warm water in the pool for him, but it was still cool. Didn't bother him, though! That evening we went to dinner with Nate's parents and then back to our house. We invited some friends over and hung out by the fire. It was awesome!

Sunday was another day for being outside. The Texas weather was just too kind to us this weekend. We slept in, ate a quick lunch and hit the outdoors! Nate and I worked on a Pinterest project {details coming} while Mason played with his distant cousin {who lives on our street}. They rode his jeep, played on his playset and playhouse and then would hop on over to her house for a bit. They did this for hours! I love that there are littles on our street that Mason can play with. Our neighborhood is mostly older people with no kids. I think most of the kids in the neighborhood live on our street!

PS - I realize I am a day late posting about our weekend...but when your weekend extends into Monday for Opening Day at the ballpark....! And I also realize I didn't mention it on this post until now, but c'mon now, the Rangers deserve their own post!!!!  

How was your weekend?


  1. Love all these pictures. And I LOVE pallet projects!!! Michael brings so many of things home from work and we save them for so many things!!! That table looks great.

    And, there is that swimming pool I love so much. :) I wish this weather here would get warm and STAY warm!

    Hope you are doing well! Miss you.

  2. Oh my gosh, you had a full weekend! He looks like such a big kid drinking his root beer. I can't believe he slept in so late... that happens? I thought something along those lines wouldn't happen until double digits age wise.

  3. Love your pallet project and Mason is toooo sweet. Loving all of your adorable family pictures friend! Have a great day. :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!