{Friday Randoms}

Let's see...what happened this week??

Monday I spent my Memorial Day cleaning Mason's toy room and bedroom. Whew! I'm pretty sure that boy has enough toys to fill a couple of daycares! Also, I am pretty sure that trying to clean with a toddler around is like trying to shoot pool with a well rope! He kept getting excited because I'd find toys that he hasn't seen or played with in a while. ha.

Also on Monday I started getting sick with allergies. The cottonwood and pollen are really high in my area. Boo!

On Tuesday we adopted a little kitten. Our neighbors cat had 5 kittens and 2 of them survived. They are {were} outdoor kittens and well, they just don't survive long in our area. We have entirely too many predators. Mostly coyotes and vultures, but we have caught images of a bobcat on our game camera before!! So, our sweet little girl is a miracle baby that will now be kept indoors. Oh, and we recently noticed that she has an extra toe on one of her front feet...so she's even more special. I asked for name suggestions on Facebook and Instagram and got so many cute ideas.

So, what did we name her??

Mason picked Lucy! And I love the way he says it. He says, "Luce-lee". So cute! He also calls her "Little Sister". And my heart may have melted when I heard him saying "It's okay little sister, it's okay. Don't cry little sister"...awww! 

So far Lucy has done great going from being an outdoor kitten to an indoor baby. She does cry some, but if you pet her or show her attention she stops. And she's pretty cute too. Well, she wasn't very cute at 4 am this morning when she pooped right next to the bed! Ugh!!! But, not her fault...she's never used a litter box before. She just has to learn.

Wednesday was pretty uneventful. I wasn't feeling very well. Allergies only seem to get worse each day. I had chips and guacamole for supper and Mason opted for pancakes. Nate was supposed to have softball, but once he got to the fields the bottom fell out and the games were cancelled! Mason and I may have been doing a rain dance!! We all just hung out until bedtime. I took a Mucinex pill that knocked me out...until midnight and then I woke up feeling nauseous for taking it on a pretty empty stomach. I was going to lie on the couch so that I didn't bother my boys...but 10 minutes later Mason woke up wanting me in his bed with him. Mamas cannot be sick, I tell you! It's okay though, his cuddles sure made me feel better.

Thursday I made a yummy crockpot chicken taco meal, then realized that we'd have to scarf it down and head out the door! So, I think? they were good! ha. My nephew had his Kindergarten graduation and we had to bolt to get there in time. It started at 6:30 and Nate doesn't get home until 6. It was really, really cute though! They sang songs and each class had a different part in the program. Each time a kid would come to the microphone Mason would say, is it my turn yet Mommy? ha

And today is Friday! Can I get an Amen?? I am so excited for the weekend. No plans. Hopefully just relaxing and catching up on sleep. Mason has his 3 year old well baby today. Nate is off and taking him to his apt. I'm hoping they come up for a lunch date. Not gonna lie, it was weird looking in my backseat and not seeing Mason's seat back there!

Confession - I added a little sun-flare to this picture so that I had an excuse for the sunglasses. But really? Those babies are just a coverup because this lady has baggggs for dayyyyys under those eyes. I've been getting an average of 2-4 hours of sleep each night since Monday! Allergies GO AWAY!!

Oh, and I have been watching The Walking Dead on Netflix all week. I started with the very first episode because I'd only ever seen an episode here and there and wanted to catch up. Yesterday when I left work I looked all around the parking lot before getting in my car and then laughed outloud at myself because I realized I was totally looking for Walkers. ha! I'm in Dallas...I should have been looking for creepers/muggers/gangstas....definitely not Zombies. ha


  1. I can not say NOTHING about Daven's toys -he has way too many. And, I keep buying more, what is wrong with me?!

    Look at Lucy!!!!! She is CUTE AND PRECIOUS!!!!! Oh how Mason will love her. Dav and his Charley are best friends, and I love him again now that he is living outside. I just could not handle an inside kitty baby!!!

    These dumb allergies are awful in our area too. Michael has had them BAD for like 2 months (not exaggerating) and now I have them and can't take nothing b/c of good 'ole pregnancy!

    Share that recipe please ma'am!!! :) And, yes, you can get a hallelujah and a big 'ole AMEN for Friday!!!!

    Love this post and love you. You're a beautiful!!!! ♥

  2. I think sometimes AJ gets overwhelmed of there are too many options! I put them in bins and rotate each bin out? He gets so excited when I bring them back.

  3. Our playroom seems like a black whole, I literally have to prepare myself to 'take on' that room! How exciting you guys got a kitten, I love that he calls her his little sister and Lucy is absolutely perfect! Crockpot chicken tacos sound delish right now-like I want them at 930pm kind of delish! Woohoo for relaxing weekends, ours is filled with graduation parties, yay.

  4. So glad he decided on Lucy. Silly Mase! I've never watched that show. Glad you're feeling better. Nice shades!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!