{Day 10...most embarrassing moment}

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill. 

Oh man, I know I have several over my 32 years of living. I will share the ones I still laugh about.

About 10 years ago Nathan and I were in a Jeep club. We had a 1985 Jeep CJ7. We joined a Jeep Club and were going on our first weekend trip with them to Clayton, OK. We stayed at this old Bed and Breakfast. Our room just happened to be upstairs...up an old wooden staircase. We were getting ready to go on a run and I remembered that I had forgotten something upstairs in our room. So I ran up and got whatever that was. I was trying to hurry and get back before we were left behind. I was running down the stairs, slipped and slid on my butt down half the stair case. There were so many people in the lobby area and turned to see what the loud noise was. I just hopped right up and scooted out the door as quickly as I could! I didn't tell Nate about it for a while! I was just so ready to get out of there!!!

Did I just put that in your vagina or your bladder? That's what my first nurse asked me when she was putting in my catheter when I was in the hospital to deliver Mason. Thank God it was just Nathan and I in the room. But I was mortified. Um, hello you are the nurse. You should know where you are putting things. I'm in the hospital, in labor, with high enough blood pressure as it is. How in the world am I supposed to know where you put that thing???  Thank heavens she was only my nurse for a couple of hours until the shift change!

What is your most embarrassing moment?



  1. I had a catheter once. Thank goodness they put it in while I was still under and hadn't woken from the surgery.

    Falling in front of people is the worst.

  2. As a nursing student, I know how hard it is to place a catheter in the right place. I always thought the same thing 'how can you put it in the wrong hole?', but the two holes are so close together that you do have difficulty getting the right one. The first time I placed on in school, the nurse had to take over and do it again bc I missed.. just takes practice, was she a new nurse?

  3. We were jeepin once and I slid down a slick hill once on my butt and hit every boulder on the way down. I was muddy and bruised up for weeks!

  4. Eek! That would freak me out. In my case, I was already completely numbed up, so I would have had no idea where it went!

  5. Oh My Stars! That nurse!!!!
    I had "one of those" nurses with Dav only when I was bed rest and had to go in the hospital for an overnight stay b/c of the lovely protein. Thank the man upstairs she was not a nurse when I went back two weeks later to deliver!

    And, look at y'all...y'all look like BABIES!!!!! Nate looks so young in these pictures. I've busted my butt so many times - my friends know that I will fall. They now just say..."hold on, get Stephany's hand!"

    HA!!! Happy Friday!

  6. Oh my gosh! I would've died! This sounds just like something I would do lol. One time in the middle of a basketball game, I got beamed in the side of the head with the ball. The ref asked me coach if we needed to take an injury timeout. The entire gym laughed at me.

  7. The sliding down the stairs is so something I would have done! That is so you cool you guys were in a Jeep club.

  8. I hate falling in front of ppl and I am so clumbsy. Ha!
    Uh ya crazy nurse. I can't believe that! :)

  9. Nothing really embarrasses me anymore after having a baby and my hoo haa hanging out. Modesty gone!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!