{Day 3...things that make me crazy}

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

This list could get long....
  • Confrontation...especially in public
  • Being naked in anything besides pure darkness
  • Snakes and everything about them
  • Talking in front of a crowd
  • Writing "About Me" stuff
  • Tight places with a lot of people. Especially elevators. Or an escalator after an event has let out.
  • Asking people for things. T-ball just started and I've already had a hard time asking people to bring snacks/drinks each week. I usually just plan on doing it. Unless someone volunteers and then I make sure they are okay with it a million times. And then I worry that they will forget. And that's on all different kinds of things - not just snacks and juices!
  •  Going places without Mason. I feel like the millions of strangers we encounter know that we have a kid and are judging us for "ditching" him to do something alone. {side note - we don't go many places without him. Maybe that's why it's uncomfortable when we do}
  • Bras
  • Anything tight around my neck
  • Bathing suits 



  1. My bra makes me very uncomfortable too- but Lord knows I have to have it on!! I wish our community would let Dav play T-Ball. He has to three- he won't turn three until August. But next year it's on!

  2. Oh I can't wear anything tight around my neck either or actually anything near my neck. I almost always v-neck or low cut. I love to be comfy all the time! haha

  3. I hate having to write about myself or talk about myself too! And I have a hard time asking people for things! I have turned down the fundraising committee at our church several times bc I just can't ask people for money!

  4. Ohh so many I agree with! Especially asking people for things, and whole naked thing lol

  5. we are so alike! i totally agree with the naked thing. and writing about me stuff. i struggle with those so much. i refuse to wear turtle necks and kinda even hate t-shirts that aren't v-necks. eck. :)

  6. confrontation totally makes me uncomfortable! and I hate writing about me. the one on my blog is still the one I had from the day I started it. :)have a great weekend!

  7. I agree with you except the bra's I feel more comfortable in a bra. ha!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!