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Hey y'all!! Happy Texas Tuesday!!

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Today I want to share a little gem that just happens to be in my neck of the woods! The Rockett Cafe and ClubI remember when I first met Nathan and his family they would always talk about this place and their chicken fried steaks!! A year or so later I went with them to the Rockett Cafe and it seemed like it took us forever to get there! It was far! Little did I know that many years later we'd live like a mile from it. Doesn't seem all that far away now! ha!

Rockett Cafe got new owners since we've lived near it, but the menu didn't change. Mostly everything stayed the same except the bar! They've done complete renovations and additions to the bar area. It's become a pretty popular place, too. 

The cafe and bar are only open Wed-Sunday. During the weekdays they host karaoke at the bar and Saturday nights they host a Texas Country Band. They've hosted some pretty big named ones, too! I'm just waiting for Aaron Watson to play there. Just sayin! And on Sunday they have the Ranch Roadhouse...free and welcome to the family. 

When Nathan and I worked with 106.9 The Ranch we worked many events at Rockett. It's a pretty awesome venue!

Food pictures all via the Rockett Cafe website here

My pictures...


  1. What? They have a steak the shape of Texas? Too cute! So you guys worked at a radio station? That sounds like fun, what did you do?

  2. oh, my! that CFS looks to die for and that Texas shaped steak? Tooo cute!


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