{Friday Randoms}

Hey friends!! Happy Friday!! 

Just some randoms of our week...

  • Today marks day 5 of me going carb-free! I've done this diet once before and lost 60 some odd pounds. I'm praying that it works just as good this go-round. I've done pretty good and haven't had many temptations. Today my boys came to have lunch with me and I accidentally ordered a cheeseburger and tator-tots! Crazy, eh? You'll see why in the next bullet point...
  • Mason woke up with a cough on Wednesday morning. It didn't seem like much more than his normal allergies in the morning. He went to school like normal and came home about the same. Still a little cough. That night he didn't really rest because the cough got worse when he laid down. It was a longggg night. That next morning (Thursday) he didn't really want to wake up. And he was just laying on me and whining. I could tell something wasn't right. So, I made the decision to bring him to work with me so that I could observe him. I could just tell that he wasn't feeling well, so I made him a dr apt. We went to the Dr. at 1:40 and she examined him. Hand-Foot-Mouth disease...again! This makes the 3rd time for Mason to get it. She said he did have allergies and drainage which was causing the cough. But, he had a blister forming on his left side of his throat which was causing the pain and for him to not eat. And of course it's a viral infection that just has to run it's course. Boo! Oh, and he weighs 32.6 lbs.
  • After his apt we went home and I worked from home for a few hours. Mason acted fine, drank well but still no eating. He played and was in a pretty good mood. He was still a little clingy and wanted me to hold him a lot. He fell asleep laying on me watching cartoons around 5:15 pm and slept until 7 this morning. And woke up a little fireball! He needed that sleep.
  • Tomorrow we have Blast Ball pictures. I can already see the chaos in my head. Wrangling seven or eight 2,3 and 4 year olds for a picture. hahahaha! Then they have a game afterwards. Not sure if Mason will play or not since he's not feeling that well.
  • I never knew how incredibly disgusting public bathrooms were until Mason started having to use them. DISGUSTING! I'd rather let him pee outside on a tree.
  • I'm getting my CHL on May 11th and I am a little excited. Okay, a lot excited. I'm ready to learn everything.
  • Sunday we are going to a Ranger game with our best friends and I am so freakin' excited!!!

That's all I got for now.


  1. Daven has had this crud for over a week...the drainage and not eating. However, I still have waited on taking him to the doctor b/c every time I get there it's like the cough and such disappear. But, his eating has picked back up! Nothing like he normally eats though. And, to top it all off -this morning I woke up with a very sore throat and have felt like t-total DO DO all day long! :(

    I'm ready for all the sickies to go away!!!

  2. Good for you to go carb free. You can do it.
    I hate when the little's are sick. I hope he starts to feel better soon! Sleep is sometimes the best medicine.
    Ya for ball pictures. Can't wait to see them.

  3. I have been doing low carb, but I really need to kick it in the but and do no carb. I have been having oatmeal in the mornings plain, but I should really go back to just eggs. Yeah last time I did it I lost like 40 pounds and then I went back to eating like crap and gained it all back! So what is CHL?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!