{Two and a Half Years Old}

Okay, so I am a little behind on this. I wanted to have Mason's exact measurements before I posted this...but here we are a month later and I still haven't gotten exacts! 

Mason turned 2.5 years old on November 25th. 

Two and a half years old!!! How is that even possible my sweet boy?? But you know what? Sometimes it feels like he has been a part of our family forever. And other times I cannot fathom that it's been 2 and a half years since I first met this amazing little boy!

He will still tell you that he's four though. Sometimes it's three and sometimes its five, but never two!


Weigh 34ish lbs {Daddy weighed himself and then you with him}
Approx 36/36.5 inches tall

Size 3t bottoms
Size 3/4t shirts - depends on the brand
Size 8 shoes

Size 6 diapers/pull ups

Eating - still don't care much about food. You'd rather drink than eat. We have to make you eat on most occasions. You love bananas, yogurt, grilled cheese, funyuns and of course milk. You'd drink milk 24/7 if we'd let you.
Sleeping - still sleeping great at night. On week nights you're usually in bed by 7:30-8:00 and asleep by 8:00. Weekends you're up a little later. Bed time is pretty much ridiculous! You talk and talk and tell story after story to avoid going to sleep. You have always been able to fight sleep like a pro! You still nap well at school {a little over 2 hours a day}, but weekends are hit and miss. Most times you are too busy for a nap. Sometimes it's good because you will go to bed early and stay on schedule...but some times not good because you'll throw fits from being tired!
Talking - there's not much you don't say! You're a talker. For sure. You tell us that you love to talk, but you really don't have to. It's obvious! ha. I do love being able to communicate with you, though. You also ask a lot of questions about everything under the sun! We get complimented often about how well and clear you talk! 

Potty Training - not going as well as I'd like...but I guess when you're ready it will happen. Before the Christmas break you were doing really great at school. You've never done as well at home as you do at school, though. I think it's a number of reasons. You go at school because all the other kids are going, it's a different room, etc. At home you know that mommy will just change your diaper, you're too busy to tell us, and our bathroom just isn't as fun. I think I may introduce a sticker chart or something at home. 

Imagination - here lately your imagination has gone through the roof! Your dad and I just look at each other and grin! It's amazing some of the things that you come up with. I just love it. It's neat to hear all of the different scenarios you come up with when driving your trucks/tractors. 

Learning - you can now count to 20.  You catch us off guard all the time with things you know and have learned. At your recent Christmas program we learned that you know the Pledge of Allegiance, most of the Christmas Pledge and the Pledge to the Bible. Made this Mama so proud!! At Random times you will blurt out with something like "Mama, a spider has 8 legs." Every day is something different. 

Mason, my sweet love, you are crazy hilarious and stubborn as a mule! You are constantly cracking us up with the things you say or the faces you make. And boy do you love to make faces!! You are also very smart. Your brain is seriously like a little sponge and even when we think you aren't paying attention, you are! Mommy and Daddy surely have to watch what we say these days!!

You still love tractors, monster trucks and jeeps. In fact, riding your Power Wheel jeep all around the yard is your absolute favorite. And you drive it really well; even over hills and through mud puddles. And when it comes to mud...you are ALL boy! You're so funny, though, if there is a touch of water anywhere around you have to put on your rain boots. 

Mason, you still have a very compassionate heart and a sweet, sweet soul. You make Mama look up to you and want to be more like you. Your heart really is as big as they come. Daddy and I love to see things through your eyes!

 Masonbug, you are growing up entirely too fast. Please slow down baby! Stay little forever!! 

I love you to the moon and back sweet boy!!



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  1. Beautiful! The eating.. it gets better! haha my 3 year old finally eats. FINALLY!! one day she woke up and decided shed liked everything. I just love him, hes the most adorable little thing ever!


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