{Christmas Eve}

It is Christmas Eve night and we are heading home to get ready for Santa. There's a tower somewhere in the distance with a red light on. Mason thinks it's Rudolph and that he's getting close to our house! He's getting so excited!! I can't even contain his cuteness right now!

It's now 10:38pm and I am laying in bed with Mason. He keeps doing everything under the moon to keep himself awake. I can't even get upset with him because I remember these days and being too excited & anxious for Santa that I couldn't sleep. It's beyond amazing to see it through your his eyes. I'm so excited for him that I can't sleep. Or don't want to sleep. I just want to stay awake and watch him. I want to remember every single thing about tonight. This is the first Christmas that he's actually "getting" it. He is soaking up all things Christmas. I've been trying to teach him that Christmas isn't only about Santa, presents, and Reindeer and that it's also Jesus' Birthday. He get's it somewhat. 

He's now singing Ol' McDonald over and over and twisting from back-to-front/front-to-back like crazy. He can't lie still for anything! Nathan is in the garage assembling his "Santa" and it's kind of loud. Every time Mason hears a noise he asks me if it's Santa and the Reindeer on the roof! 

11:25 - He's finally drifted off to sleep and I am right behind him! I just can't wait for morning.


Reading the night before Christmas with Nana

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