{Christmas with the Stowells}

On Sunday, December 23rd we celebrated Christmas with my family at my parents house. The boys played and played while Mom finished up dinner. We ate lunch/dinner some time around 3. It was amazing! Mom never disappoints with food!! After we ate we let the kids open their gifts. They were so anxious!!!!

The boys racked up! Seriously!! Mom & Dad give all of us older kids money because they say we are too hard to shop for! Works for us. We also get a stocking, which I love. Stockings have always been my favorite.

After all the gifts were opened my parents brought out new helmets for all the kids. Dad said he wanted a picture of them wearing them...so they did. Not one of the three asked why they got helmets, they just went along with it.

Then we let them outside to see their new bikes!!!!

Mason and Jax ran to the wrong ones...they were the same size! They were so excited and adorable. I just love those boys!!

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  1. Oh I love it! What a great Christmas, they are all so adorable, and how cute that they just were like hey? Ok I'll wear a helmet!


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