{Getting better!!}

Mason had a great day yesterday at school. He was happy and playing like crazy when I picked him up. Actually, they were playing dress up and my cute little dude was sportin' a Pink Ladies jacket buttoned up to his neck. ha! I wish I could have taken a picture. I'm really feeling the need to donate more boy dress up clothes to his school! One of his teachers told him to tell me what they had been talking about. So, Mason says, "Mama, I want a baby sister." Mercy! It all stemmed because a classmate is getting a new sibling soon. But still! He has told me 3 or 4 times since then! I wonder what he'd be like with a sibling. Anyhoo...that's another topic for another day.

We had a really nice evening! Mason and I spent some time together before Daddy got home. When Nate got home he played with Mason while I ran to Target for more Lysol and Culturelle for my sweet boy. This flu business is scaring the fire out of me. Nate is actually off tomorrow and I think we are going to keep Mason home too. I'm praying that this doesn't hurt our routine we've worked so hard to build back up this week. But we are just thinking it's one less day he has to be around so many people/kids/germs! And we are going to get him a flu shot. Nate and I both thought we had done this...and then I remembered there was something going on when we attempted that we couldn't follow through with it. Fever maybe? Whatever the case, he hasn't had one. So, tomorrow it is. I know it takes about 12 or so days before it takes affect and I really wish we would have done it sooner. Sigh.

We had dinner and got in bed fairly early. Mason was asleep by 9:00. And? No night terrors!! Praise the Lord. He slept all night and slept well. He woke up happy and silly this morning. And he was very cooperative. No fits, no fussin and just happy. We got to school and I sat with him while he ate his breakfast. He did cry a little when I left, but I am praying that it didn't last long.

I can't wait to hear about his day!!

The sun is actually trying to come out!! I know we needed the rain, but I am glad to see it gone. We are a family that likes to be outside. 

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord...Psalm 150:6


  1. Oh yay!! Hayes just got his second flu shot on Monday. Luckily he isn't exposed to too many people, but still I have heard that this flu year is horrible. A healthy 14 year old girl died the other day of the flu. The really scary thing is she had the flu shot! ahhhh. Praying that Mason continues to do well at school, and no one in your family gets sick!

  2. wonderful! we were in bed by 9pm too. ahh, it was wonderful! I hope that's the routine tonight too!


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