{Christmas Day}

I woke up around 8:20 am on Christmas morning, went to the restroom, woke up Nate and then we attempted to wake up Mason. He didn't want to get out of bed. He completely forgot all about Santa coming and just wanted to go back to sleep! I had to remind him about 3-4 times that Santa came and that it was finally Christmas. At 8:45 he finally got out of bed. Nate kept him in the room while I got the camera/video ready. He ran to the living room {we had Santa set up in the dining room where the Christmas tree was} and looked around like, "um, Santa didn't come." We called him over and he got so excited! He squealed! It was amazing!!! 

Mason opened all of his gifts and played his sweet little heart out. We tried explaining to him that Nana and Papa were waiting on us to have Christmas at their house. He didn't want to leave for anything. Could you blame him? All those new toys to play with. It took some major convincing to get him to leave without a fight.


We got to Nana and Papa's house and everyone was awake. Mason helped pass out presents, but not without trying to open each one. We had to stop him each time and tell him it was for someone else. Once all presents were passed out we let Mason open most of his. He was too excited to wait. It was nice, though. We got to see everything he opened and his excitement with each gift. And excited he was. 

After Mason opened most of his gifts we all took turns opening. But, it was very spaced out and totally relaxed. Which, I loved. It was great to just hang out in pajamas and enjoy every minute of Christmas. It was nasty and rainy outside, so, perfect pajama weather. It even started snowing/icing. It was mostly just wet, so not much stuck. It was really neat to see snow on Christmas {in Texas} though!!
My 3rd or so gift was a new 50mm lens. So I slapped that baby on and got to snappin. It was hard to get used to at first. 

A yearly tradition...

After all the gifts were opened they called Mason to the center of the living room and told him that they found another present that Santa left {it was hiding under a blanket}.


A new Piana {or Ptano, as Mase calls it}. The night after his Christmas program they went home and found him one online! He was so excited!!! It's really nice and something that he can pass on to his kids some day!

The rest of the day we really were just so lazy and hung out and ate!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Love that you got a new lens!


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