{Weekend Update}

Friday night we went to dinner at Tuscan Slice in Waxahachie. It's a great little Italian place where kids get to create their own pizza! They roll out the dough, add the toppings and take it to the wood-fire. He had a good time!

That evening Mason actually ended up staying the night with his Nana and Papa. {side note - that was only the 4th time he's every spent the night away from us.} He did well. And Mama survived too!

Saturday we were lazy and hung out until mid-afternoon then headed to Fort Worth. We had planned on going to Sam Moon and then Cabelas, but Nate's mom called and asked if we could meet them at Nate's Grandmas for a visit. So, we went to Sam Moon since we were already there. Then we headed to GP for a visit. For dinner we went to Spring Creek for dinner. Mason was completely rotten. I didn't get any pictures on Saturday.

Sunday we headed to Allen/McKinney to go to Cabelas. Mason was an angel and we had such a good time. We also took Mason for a haircut. He's always so well behaved and enjoys getting a haircut.

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  1. How fun! Well except for him being rotten. haha little boys. I love the shark hood.

  2. Aw your little guy is such a cutie pie! I love his sweater!

    Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for linking up :)

  3. I live in Dallas, pretty close to Waxahachie!
    Helene in Between


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