{Jesus is coming Mommy, Jesus is coming}

So, this happened a while ago, but I wanted to get it on the blog. 
Mason goes to a Christian Academy and back in September they participated in the "See You at the Pole" {global day of prayer}. Well, one of the teachers at the school led the prayer and ended the prayer with "in Jesus name". 
Fast forward to the next week...we were in the cafeteria one morning and Mason points down the hall and proclaims, "Jesus is coming Mommy, Jesus is coming." 
You can imagine what happens next. Silence among all the adults as they all turn to look down the hall to see what Mason is talking about. And at the other end of the hall we see the above said teacher, and that's it. I asked him what he was talking about and he says, "Her Mommy, she's Jesus."
We were all a little baffled; to say the least.

I was thinking about it nonstop for a few days and then finally it dawned on me!! I asked a few of the teachers if she led the prayer at the See You at the Pole. Sure enough, she did. And I guess all his little ears heard were "Jesus...name" and he thought she was saying her name was Jesus.


  1. hahah. What a CUTIE! That is such a cute little story. How comical!
    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. Bless that sweet little boy!
    What a wonderful memory and thanks for sharing! ♥

    Dav's goes to a Christian preschool. ;) I love how much we have in common- it's UNREAL!


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