{Santa Shennanigans - 2012}

{written on 11/21}
This past weekend we were out and about and ventured over to Bass Pro Shop. Surprisingly the Santa line was not very long, so we jumped in line. 15 minutes later Mason was making a bee-line to meet Santa.

It was hilarious! When it was our turn and Mason saw the kids before him get off Santa's lap he took of running towards Santa as fast as he could. He climbed up and hopped right in Santa's lap. Everyone around was laughing and smiling. It made my heart so happy that he was not scared of Santa.

They took his picture and then he started climbing down.

Santa said, "Wait, wait, wait. Let's talk!" and proceeded to ask Mason what he wanted.


"A BIG Monster truck" is what he told Santa.

Holy moly, he looks so big/grown here!
Mason, I hope you're this way always...fearless and friendly!


  1. That is a wonderful Santa picture! Mason looks like he is having a blast and that Santa is the best. We missed you Saturday night.....hope you are feeling better!

  2. That is a great Santa picture! There's something about a mama seeing her babies with Santa that melts your heart. So adorable!

  3. that is the cutest picture! Ande nice belt buckle, Santa! lol

  4. he is growing so fast!! And I hope he gets his truck :-)

  5. Awe!! That is so cute! Hey I keep forgetting to ask you, I remember you saying before that Mason has exema(sp), what do you use for it? I think Hayes has it and he doesn't have a Dr appointment for another month, so I was hopping there was something I could get for him. Thanks

  6. Aw! Such a big boy! He looks great!


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