{12 on 12/12/12}

12 Things I love about Nathan…
1.)    The way he loves Mason and I
2.)    How his hugs make everything in the world better
3.)    How he is the calm to my chaos
4.)    His heart and how he would do anything for anyone anytime
5.)    That he’s a total family man. Would rather be with his family than anywhere else
6.)    That he kisses and hugs his son and tells him that he loves him every single day
7.)    His patience
8.)    How he has a passion for many things and for life  in general
9.)    He puts 110% into everything he does
10.)  How he knows what I need even when I don’t
11.)   He’s the perfect partner in this parenting journey
12.)  He’s my best friend and someone I honestly love to be around

12 Things I love about Mason…
1.)    His sweet soul
2.)    How he will randomly tell us that he loves us
3.)    That he says his mama is his best friend
4.)    How he cares for others
5.)    That he uses manners
6.)    His hugs and kisses
7.)    His eagerness to learn things
8.)    That he tells his daddy “sweet dreams” every single night
9.)    His fearlessness
10.)  His tender heart
11.)  How he is a leader
12.)  That is seriously all “boy”



  1. Awww.....Crystal! What a sweet, sweet, sweet post....you are very blessed

  2. Awe that's so cute! I love that he says your his best friend!!!

  3. This is so sweet! What a fun idea for 12/12/12 too. :-) Your son is adorable!

  4. What a wonderfully sweet post! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Oh this is the sweetest post EVER!! Love it! You are so lucky to have such amazing boys in your life ;)

  6. Such a sweet list! Happy 12.12.12! =)

  7. "the calm to my chaos" I LOVE THIS STATEMENT, and it's so true about my husband too. Thank you for participating in the link-up, you have a very beautiful list here!

  8. I think this is such a sweet and thoughtful post. I'm sure these 12 things will bring a smile to them :)


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