{Oh Christmas Tree!}

For the last 3 or 4 years we have used a fake tree. I think our main reason was because of our sweet little pup...didn't need an indoor potty for him! Don't get me wrong, it was nice and all...but I am happy to say that we are back to having a real tree.

And? I love it!
the smell
the look
the way each real tree has a different shape
the fact that I didn't have to "assemble" it or dis-assemble it and put it back in the attic {okay, so maybe hubby does that part but still}
that it's almost 7 ft tall
 Just everything about it! 
The only thing I regret about it is buying it from Home Depot instead of taking Mason to a Christmas tree farm. Next year, eh?

 PlusAlso -I absolutely love decorating the tree and going through the memories each ornament brings. And it's a nice surprise to find all the ornaments you bought on clearance the Christmas before!!! 


  1. Love the smell of real Christmas trees! (Our house is a bit small for one) Your tree looks amazing!!!


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