{Christmas Cookies}

Sunday before we left for The North Pole Express {post here} Mason and I baked some cookies. I let him help with everything and it was a blast. I admit though, I had to put my OCD tendencies aside and just let him have at it...
- It's okay if he leaves half the batter on the rolling pin
- It's okay if the shapes aren't cut out perfectly
- It's okay if he wants to keep rolling over and over the dough
- It's okay if he wants to play with the shapes after they are cut
It's all about the memories we are making!! 

And? That we did. 
He's already asked a few times to make more cookies. 
And we will.

How cute is he?!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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  1. Precious! "its ok for sprinkles to go all over the floor" haha that was me last night. Its tough fighting those OCD tendencies!


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