{Monday - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly}

{Note - this was written on 11/20/12 - but still wanted to post}

Oh Monday, you won! Ya hear that? You won!
Guess I should start on the positive, right?
 We had a wonderful evening together, just our little family of 3. From Taco Casa, to crazy stroller rides through the house, to hanging out in Mason's room and ending the night all three of us cuddling in Masons new twin size bed {more on that to come}. 2nd night Mason having a big boy bed and he has slept all night both nights!!
The BAD:
 It was very stressful...to say the least. First of all, it was Monday {enough said, right?}. Work was extremely stupid busy. My co-worker is on vacation this week and I'm covering for her. But, here is the worst part...she got a virus on her computer last week so I have to use web mail. Ugh!! I have no access to her computer, or anything she did prior to last Thursday. Kinda makes it hard to cover someone. AND I have to work 8 until 5 every day this week. I should be grateful for the hour of overtime each day, but honestly, I'd rather have that hour with Mason.

So, needless to say, all day I kept looking forward to getting home and getting "Monday" over with. 

It was going good and then BAM...a text message comes through that raises my blood pressure and gives me an instant migraine. 
Masons teacher {and one if my best friends} got a new job and next Wednesday is more than likely her last day at FCA. 

I want so much to be happy for her {and deep down I am} but right now I am weighed down with sadness. My heart is breaking for my sweet little boy. His most favorite teacher/person {and most times our saving grace} at school is leaving. How do you prepare a two year old for something like that? You can't. 

She loves Mason and he loves her and she's leaving. My heart has been filled with so much peace knowing that she's there during the day to care for Mason. And now that's gone. I know I'm being a little selfish, it's just hard. I know Mason is going to be sad. And that? Just crumbles my heart. She is like his safety net.

I pray, pray, pray that Mason adapts to this transition with as minimal of heartbreak as possible.
{Picture not related, just wanted to end this post on a happy note!!} 

Update - today was our first day without her. Mason did fairly well. It just so happened that we had a nice distraction. Another sweet teacher was talking to Mason and helping me. Mason was in the middle of telling her a story and saw that one of his classmates had a bottle of glue. So he went with said teacher to help her tell that child No No! I just pray that he didn't have a major fit once that was over! I will find out later.

Today is weird. I will not know how his day went until I pick him up around 4:30. I will miss being able to chat with my friend in the afternoons and her telling me how Mason's day went.


  1. My sweet friend. I know how this feels. But, it's different -it's on the other end. I have been a preschool teacher and received a better position. I kept one of my best guy friend's twins. His wife used to text me all through out the day and it was nice keeping them up to par. Their grandmother would pick them up in the PM b/c she was a 2nd nurse and he didn't get back into town until 7pm. But, I know they will place a special heart / person back into Mason's class. I know he will do great! He's such a smart and adorable loving little boy. A lot of love going out to y'all. Saying some sweet prayers for Mason and FCA.

    And, I hate that junk happened at work. Sometimes you just need to go out and scream. I've had days like this in the office too. Ahh.

    Love you girl!!!

  2. aw i hope he does ok without his teacher! but kids are tough!

  3. That sucks to lose her! How sad for Mason. I hope he will transition well.

  4. awww... change is hard but those two year olds are pretty resilient.

    Aloha Sweet Friend,
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