{Weekend Wrap-up}

We had a very nice and festive weekend!!! We opted out of Black Friday shopping and went to the gun range with some of our best friends instead. Mason stayed with his Nana, Papa and Uncle T-Ty. We shot for over 2.5 hours and had a complete blast. Nathan and I laughed on the way there about how many guns and ammo we had in the back seat. It looked like we were going to war! We shot everything from pistols to ARs. We shot at pumpkins, targets and Pringle cans. It was also nice to just hang out and catch up. 
{warning! this is going to be a picture heavy post}

I fell in love with this place across from the gun range. They had the greatest setup complete with a Blacksmith barn and the neatest stables. I'm a huge fan of all things rustic!!

After the gun range we took Mason a burrito {his favorite} and visited with the inlaws for a couple of hours. We were perusing Pinterest and found the cutest little Rudolph made out of wine corks. My MIL had everything on hand to make them...so I whipped up a few. They came out so cute!!! I'm in love with them.

That evening we just hung out. I tried for almost 2 hours to get Mason to take a nap, but he just wouldn't fall asleep. Although, we did relax and he was nice and still for 2 hours. We headed to town to grab a pizza and movie and Mason fell asleep {at 5:45pm}...right in the middle of a major jam session to Aaron Watson's new cd! Seriously...one second he was nodding his head and singing as loud as he could and then he was OUT! It was the craziest thing. If you know Mason then you know that he doesn't just fall asleep! 
Before we left...
And when he crashed...

He was still asleep when we got home, so we put him in bed. We were so nervous. We didn't know if he would sleep all night or wake up at 8, 10, 12...ready to party! BUT - he slept until 8:45 the next morning. Can you say growth spurt? Seriously! He was pretty great on Saturday, too. Well rested. That's for sure. 

Saturday afternoon we went to eat at Oma's one of our favorite little town diners. Then we went to get a {real} Christmas Tree. Mason had a lot of fun! We picked out a really nice Frasier Fir - somewhere between 6 and 7ft. It's huge! And beautiful. And smells divine!

Oh, and Mason picked out his own tree, too!

Cute, right?

I tried to get some better pictures, but he wasn't having it. You get what you get with a toddler.

And our huge tree...

Nate is standing on the tailgate of a 4x4 pickup, if that helps to visualize the size of the tree!!

Trimming the tree...

One of my best friend's mom made that hat for Mason his first Christmas back in 2010. I'm so happy that it still fits. And he loves it. I told him that Krista's mom made it for him...so every time we pulled out a new Christmas decoration he would ask me if it was from Krista's Mommy! So cute.


Sunday Nate went to the gun show with his dad and brother so Mason and I hung out a couple hours. Then we headed to town to get ingredients for ornament making! Mason was pretty fussy all day on Sunday. It was quite exhausting. He threw a HUGE fit in Big Lots and I had to leave...with a screaming toddler in tow. Then he proceeded to kick, scream and cry when I tried to put him in his carseat. I'm sure people thought I was kidnapping the poor kid!! It was an epic fit, let me tell you. We went home and just hung out the rest of the day. We made ornaments and played outside. It was a beautiful day!! 

How was your weekend? I hope it was amazing!



  1. I LOVE all of the pics!! How cute is Mason in his car?!! Jealous you guys put up your tree!!!

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend...well minus the Big Lots meltdown. Those reindeer cork ornaments are precious!

  3. this is the sweetest post. so many photos of so many sweet things. I love the little guy with his little tree strapped to his little car. love. And, hey, you have a pink gun... how stinkin' cool is that?


    Stopping by from the GFC hop to say 'hi' and to follow along. I can't wait to get to know you and your blog better. We're riding the wave of life at Local Sugar Hawaii, I'd love for you to come write the lines with us.


  4. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a great weekend.

  5. Okay.. I love Masons car! And his hat! And that y'all got time alone, and the pictures of shooting!!! Yalls tree is huge! Crazy


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